Unknown Truths About Andrea Tantaros’ Lawsuit Battle With Fox News, Her Net Worth and Relationship Status
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Andrea Tantaros was once considered a rising star on the Fox News Channel. Born in Pennsylvania, she spent several years on the channel co-hosting various shows, and made herself popular with many fans with her conservative views. Tantaros sadly left Fox News in 2016, under circumstances shrouded in mystery. Since then, it has emerged that her departure is not unrelated to the MeToo movement, which toppled several high-ranking men in the broadcasting industry.

Despite many failed attempts to get justice against her former employers at Fox News, the former Fox News employee has never given in to passionate advocacy for women’s rights. Read on to learn the unwritten truth about Andrea and her legal battle with Fox News, as well as other interesting facts in the following paragraphs.

How Andrea Tantaros Began Her Career As A PR Guru

Andrea began her professional journey a few years ago. She was born on 30 December 1978 to Andreana Konstantina Tantaros. She was born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Her father is a Greek immigrant, while her mother is of Italian descent. Given this Eurocentric background, it is not surprising that the young girl speaks languages such as Greek and Spanish.

Unknown Truths About Andrea Tantaros’ Lawsuit Battle With Fox News, Her Net Worth and Relationship Status
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She studied French and journalism at university and then went on to do postgraduate studies at the renowned Sorbonne University in Paris. After completing her studies in Paris, Andrea Tantaros returned to the United States in 2003. In the following two years she worked as a spokesperson for several Republican politicians. These include her work as a spokesperson for the Governor of Massachusetts, Williams Weld, and the former Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, Thomas Reynolds.

She then founded her own company, Andrea Tantaros Media, and earned a reputation as one of the leading media strategists/crisis managers in Washington, D.C. Through her firm, she provided services to major corporations such as the Fortune 500 and many other political campaigns.

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Her Berth at Fox News

Andrea Tantaros first joined Fox News in 2010 as a political staff member. Due to her PR background and her studies in journalism, she has done an outstanding job and Fox has appointed her as co-host of the signature show “The Five”. The Five is a humorous talk show that x-rays current events, pop culture, and political issues, and Tantaros served as co-host between 2011 and 2014. She had a positive impact on the series as it became the second most-watched cable news show in America.

After three successful years on The Five, Andrea Tantaros was reassigned to the daily talk show Outnumbered. Her stay on the show lasted from late 2014 until April 2016, when she was taken off the show entirely. When she suddenly disappeared from the TV screens, fans of The Five and The Underdog began asking questions to find out what had happened to her great host. However, they received few or no answers.

Reason Behind Tantaros’ Departure From Fox And The Ensuing Legal Battle

Following her departure from Fox News, Andre Tantaros filed a lawsuit in 2016, alleging that she had been sexually harassed by some Fox employees, including then CEO Roger Ailes. The Pennsylvanian-born woman also claimed that she had made a formal complaint to the station, but the only response was to demote her from the five to a minority and eventually fire her. Fox denied these allegations, of course, and claimed that Tantaros was fired because she violated a clause in her contract.

The lawsuit lasted until 2017 when the court ordered that the parties should seek arbitration. After this disappointing outcome, Tantaros collected further evidence and filed a second claim in April 2017. She claimed that Ailes illegally taped some female employees undressing. She also claimed that he made several provocative comments about their costumes. The Pennsylvanian-born woman then claimed that Fox had installed malware on her laptop that intercepted her.

Unknown Truths About Andrea Tantaros’ Lawsuit Battle With Fox News, Her Net Worth and Relationship Status
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This second claim was also dismissed by the court, but Tantaros does not give in. In July 2019, she announced that she would use a new law to remove her first lawsuit from compulsory arbitration and take it to court.

Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Andrea Tantaros has kept details of her love life away from the public. However, it is known that she has never been married and has no children. Meanwhile, Tantaros is romantically linked to the rock star Dave Navarro. Navarro is a guitarist of the band Jane’s Addiction and has been married and divorced three times.

Tantaros and Navarro were first seen together in February 2015 and have since become very good friends. There was a rumor that the couple wanted to form a life-long bond in 2016, but it turned out to be nothing more than a mere rumor. So Tantaros remains unbound and leads their best life. However, she has revealed that her ideal husband candidate is a man who is uncomplicated, easy-going and has a good sense of humor.

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How Much is Andrea Tantaros Worth Today?

Tantaros allegedly has a net worth of 1.5 million dollars, and she earns about 300,000 dollars a year. This comes from her salary as well as from the income of her media company. The TV personality has also earned a considerable sum from her book, published in 2016, entitled “Tied Up in Knotts”: How what we wanted to be made women unhappy. It is remarkable that Tantaros’ fortune has shrunk as a result of her protracted legal battle with Fox.

According to a petition filed in July 2019, the Pennsylvanian-born woman has spent up to a million dollars in legal fees without achieving much. Her career prospects and reputation have also suffered because she has been professionally sidelined. Therefore Tantaros could not land a gig in another network. Instead, she continues her work as a private media consultant.