Things You Should Know About Chris Stirewalt’s Career, Political Opinions And Family
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Chris Stirewalt describes himself as a simple country expert. Even if he is rather modest in his self-description, Stirewalt is a political commentator and journalist who should not be taken lightly. Chris Stirewalt is known for his precise predictions and analyses in several Fox News programs and has become a household name when it comes to political commentary. In addition, Stirewalt is also a public speaker who is not afraid to express his honest opinion on various topics. He is currently represented by the Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau.

Highlights of Chris Stirewalt’s Career

Chris Stirewalt began his career as a journalist in Wheeling, West Virginia when he was 17 years old. At that time he was writing basketball box scores for the local newspaper The Wheeling Intelligencer. After graduating from Hampden-Sydney College, Virginia, in 1997, Stirewalt joined the Charleston Daily Mail as a political editor in 1998. He worked for the newspaper for six years before moving to West Virginia Media, where he served as political editor for three years.

He gained further experience as a political editor in 2007 while working with the weekly magazine The Washington Examiner. Stirewalt wrote a twice-weekly column for the magazine and led the political coverage. He remained with the magazine for three years before joining the Fox News family in 2010. At FOX, his popularity reached a new peak thanks to his appearances on the station’s high-profile programs.

Things You Should Know About Chris Stirewalt’s Career, Political Opinions And Family

He co-hosted popular programs such as The Kelly File and Perino & Stirewalt: I’ll Tell You What. I’ll Tell You What began as a podcast, but became so popular that it became a television show on September 18, 2016. The podcast was originally developed during the presidential primary and debate season, with the host discussing the candidates’ performances and strategies.

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How Chris Stirewalt Rose to Prominence

As his ability to be creative grew, Chris Stirewalt began taking on more co-hosting roles with the Fox News Network. He frequently appears on various programs, including the American newsroom, special report with Bret Baier, Outnumbered, and Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Stirewalt is also part of the Fox News Decision Desk team, where he has reported on election night runs over four election cycles.

In the programs listed above, Stirewalt is the station’s political analyst and provides his expert political analysis of the state, congressional and presidential elections. He is also the host of the Power Play video series on Stirewalt has become a famous television presenter through his presence at Fox. His newsletter, Fox News Halftime Report, has over 200,000 subscribers. Chris is currently based in Washington, D.C., and serves as the FNC’s digital political editor; he is also the network’s primary analyst for polls and voting trends.

Things You Should Know About Chris Stirewalt’s Career, Political Opinions And Family

In addition to his work as a television and podcast presenter, the political journalist is also a writer. His book, “Every Man is a King”: A Short, Colorful History of American Populists, was published in September 2018. Edited by Twelve Books, the book is a collection of stories about America’s populist leaders (such as Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, and George Wallace). After publication, the book received positive reviews, and Stirewalt went on his Twitter page to promote the book.

Here Are Some of His Most Popular Political Views

Chris Stirewalt has come under fire on several occasions for the open opinions he has shared on air. Given the nature of his work, it is not surprising that he has been confronted with some controversy. He has received most of the criticism for his support of President Donald Trump. In the early days of Trump’s term, Stirewalt made several pro-Trump comments that met with counter-reaction. He was thought to be someone who wanted to turn a blind eye to several issues and scandals that President Trump was constantly responsible for through his speeches and presidential decisions.

His tune did change a bit though. In August 2019, Chris Stirewalt admitted on air that President Trump was exploiting racial animus for his political advantage, particularly referring to the mass shootings that occurred in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, and Ohio in the same month. In June 2019, Stirewalt predicted that, should an election be held that month, presidential candidate Joe Biden would win by a landslide against incumbent Donald Trump. He did point out that the Republicans had more money to spare than the Democrats, and would easily use it to overshadow whatever the Democrats conjured up.

Things You Should Know About Chris Stirewalt’s Career, Political Opinions And Family

Even though Fox News has predominantly defended President Trump during his scandals, the president has criticized the channel in later months for its portrayal. He has also criticized its program’s hosts for their comments and polls that put him in a bad light. Reacting to an October 2019 poll, the president ripped the polling team (which includes Chris Stirewalt) after the results showed that over 50% of Americans wanted him to be impeached. He has also criticized the channel for not being like it used to be.

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Amazing Facts About Chris Stirewalt Family

The political analyst was born on November 17, 1975, and he is a native of Wheeling, West Virginia. While information about his parents is scarce to come by, it is known that they are also natives of West Virginia. Chris Stirewalt once shared a bit of detail about his mother, an Irishwoman named Joan Marie McCarthy. He tweeted a picture of her in 2015, in which he gave her name and her origin. Since then, he hasn’t given any other details about his parents or if he has any siblings.