Sylvester Stallone Height, Weight And Body Measurements
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Sylvester Stallone is one of the most popular action movie stars and celebrities in the world. He has starred in several blockbusters that were successful worldwide. Apart from action movies and thrillers, Stallone has also appeared in television series and has earned several popular leading roles. He is an icon and a force to be reckoned with in the Hollywood acting industry.

He is also a remarkable star for his unique physique and body measurements. Here is a brief description of Sylvester Stallone’s height, weight and body measurements and the way he was able to achieve such a physique:

Sylvester Stallone’ Height and Weight measurements

Sylvester Stallone has always had a robust fit and a tanned body, as befits his action film roles, as he can handle dangerous working conditions and bleak environments. Even at his current age he still has a firm body. His actual height is 1.77 meters (5 feet 10 inches) and his weight 185 lbs. (84 kg). Other measurements include a 44-inch chest, a 39-inch waist, and 17-inch biceps. Stallone’s left face is paralyzed, including parts of his chin, tongue, and lips. He took an early interest in acting and screenwriting and chose this career path.

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Stallone was said to have written the screenplays for his groundbreaking 1976 film (Rocky) only after three days of watching Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner box, something that many screenwriters put together months and years.

When you look at his film roles, it is very clear that he has always been fascinated by boxing fights and physical action films, which explains his boxing endorsement. He is also a prolific actor with an incredible mastery of ammunition. His fairly large frame allows him to play roles that require the use of great strength, including lifting heavy objects and fighting monsters. Sylvester Stallone’s size, weight, and measurements are perfect for boring action roles. His charming appearance and skills have earned him such a good reputation among his many fans.

Sylvester Stallone’ unique workouts and body measurements

Sylvester Stallone’s size has remained the same since he matured, but his weight and other body measurements have changed from film to film. In most cases, he has gained and lost a few pounds along the way to achieve the perfect body mass for his film roles. In “Rocky” and “Rambo I” he weighed about 180 pounds before the number in “Rambo II” increased to 197. His chest also grew to 50 centimeters, due to the intensive training sessions he completed under the guidance of his Sardinian-born fitness trainer, two-time Olympic athlete Francesco Columbu.

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After a few years, he wanted to change his physique and reduce weightlifting while changing other aspects of his lifestyle. Although this meant he weighed 168 pounds for some time, he ended up weighing 200 pounds. Nonetheless, the action star has since lost the extra pounds and now weighs 185 pounds and 3.0% fat mass. Not much has changed in his training, and most differences are attributed to aspects such as time, diet and intensity. Sylvester Stallone is one of the most popular Hollywood celebrities in the world of action movies and has worldwide fame that is decades old.


Even though Sylvester is getting old gradually and focuses more on directing movies than acting, most fans still expect some action thrillers from the very experienced actor all along the line. Hopefully, he can keep his robust stature and weight that the fans are used to when he comes on screen. In many ways, he still remains one of the most inspiring movie actors that Hollywood has ever honored.