Rhett McLaughlin Wife, Family, Brother, Kids, Height, Age, Net Worth
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The other half of the Internet comedy duo (Rhett and Link), Rhett McLaughlin, the bearded entertainer, is known for his trendy fashion sense, comical timing, and quirky acting. He uses his beard and hair, which he dyes in different colors to make a powerful and distinguished style statement.

Rhett McLaughlin, along with his comedian partner Charles “Link” Neal III, is known as YouTube stars and social media personalities who upload comedy video clips to their YouTube channel, popularly known as “Rhett & Link”.

The comedy duo did not stop at “Rhett & Link”, but launched other channels that have become as popular as their first, winning several prestigious awards and nominations over the years. Their multiple award-winning channels have reached a total subscription of more than 20 million with a staggering total of over four billion viewers. They owe their popularity to viral local low-budget commercials and comic songs that always put a smile on the faces of their fans. The duo, who like to identify themselves with the INTERNETAINERS imprint, has made several appearances on various TV talk shows and also on the radio.

Rhett McLaughlin Wife, Family, Brother, Kids, Height, Age, Net Worth
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Rhett McLaughlin – Bio & Age

The renowned comedian was born on October 11, 1977, in Macon, Georgia, has American citizenship, and is of North American descent. When the budding comedian was three years old, his family moved to Buies Creek, North Carolina, where his father taught as a law professor at Campbell University. Rhett owes his early education to the Buies Creek Elementary School, where he met his childhood friend Charles “Link” Neal III, who later became his partner in the entertainment industry.

The comedy duo formed a bond when they were punished for writing vulgar words on their desks, and they spent the duration of their punishment painting pictures of mythical beasts that were, however, unknown to them; this particular little incident would later determine the course of their life and career together. As children, the duo was known for performing sketches and interviewing each other as different characters, they even tried to write and produce films in the past, but it remained unfinished.

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Rhett McLaughlin studied civil engineering at North Carolina State University, and after graduation, he worked at Black & Veatch but was fired, even though he had plans to leave to build his entertainment business with his best friend. They started with the YouTube channel “Rhett & Link”, which came to light on June 5, 2006, and started uploading comic sketches, funny music videos, and ridiculous local commercials. When their venture was successful, they moved on to launching other channels such as This is Mythical, Good Mythical Morning, and Good Mythical More.

Rhett McLaughlin Net Worth

The hilarious comedian has accumulated an estimated net worth of $8 million that has accumulated through the hits and subscriptions to the Internet channels he runs with his friend. The figure for his annual salary is still difficult to determine, but it is known that he has acquired several car brands, including an Oldsmobile Omega, an unspecified Scion xB, and a blue Dodge Dynasty. Rhett McLaughlin and his partner Link bought a 1992 Ford Bronco, which they use as a company car and also for camping purposes. Their pool car is an unspecified Ford Fusion, which is also used as a company car.

Rhett McLaughlin Wife, Family, Brother, Kids, Height, Age, Net Worth
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Family – Wife, Brother, Kids

The Internet star’s parents, Jim McLaughlin (father) and Diane McLaughlin (mother) raised him in Buies Creek North Carolina, along with his only sibling, an older brother named Cole McLaughlin.

Rhett McLaughlin was married only once in his life, he was married to Jessie Lane in 2001 and their marriage was blessed with two sons, Shepherd and Locke. The couple increased the number of family members by adopting a Maltipoo puppy named Lola. This adorable puppy was adopted by Wylder’s Holistic Pet Center and Rescue in Studio City, CA.

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Jessie can be described as a small woman, 5 feet 3 inches tall, standing 1 foot 4 inches shorter than her spouse. She is more the quiet type who loves privacy and enjoys a peaceful environment, which is why she has stayed away from her husband’s social media platforms.

Rhett McLaughlin’s Height?

The social media sensation played basketball in the past and is the size of a basketball player. He is a full 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs a total of 80 kg or 176 lbs to make up for his large size. Records show that during his formative years, the entertainer grew so fast that by the time he was in the sixth grade, he was already six feet tall.

A closer look at his eye color confirms that he has green eyes, but his hair, which is naturally dirty blond, has been dyed several times in colors such as apricot, yellow, and grey. Rhett McLaughlin comes complete with a beard that makes him look like Rick Grimes from the movie The Walking Dead, and according to his own statements, he is willing to sacrifice $1,000 a month just to keep his beard that covers the birthmark on his upper lip.