Paul Wall: Wife, Weight Loss, Kids, Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Bio
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If the song “Sittin’ Sidewayz” sounds familiar to you, you should know that it was written by Paul Wall, if you didn’t already know that. The rapper has been on the charts for a long time with albums that complement his impressive career. He has been associated with Chamillionaire. Here you can find more interesting details about him.

Paul Wall Biography

Paul Wall, whose real name is Paul Michael Slayton, was born on 11 March 1981 in Houston, Texas. He was a student at Jersey Village High School and then studied mass communication at the University of Houston for three years. But this course he studied had mainly to do with mass communication and had little connection to what interested him more, namely music. After much thought, he decided to leave the university to pursue his dreams. At the beginning of his career, Paul Wall formed a group with his friends Skinhead Rob (Transplants) and Travis Barker. The name of the group was “Expensive Taste”, but it no longer exists today.

After the group disbanded, he suggested advertising for Michael “5000” Watts’ company Swishahouse. That was about the same time he met Chamillionaire. He himself and Chamillionaire went to Watts’ studio, KBXX, and convinced him to let them perform in his show by rapping. They suggested recording verses on one of his mixtapes, which was called Choppin Em Up Part 2. This song was critically acclaimed in 1992.

Paul Wall: Wife, Weight Loss, Kids, Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Bio

Luckily for Watts, they were able to convince Watts and they jumped at the song, and luckily for them, the Free Dance became quite popular on the streets, which led to Paul Wall and Chamillionaire becoming regulars on Houston’s mixtapes. They became permanent members of Swishahouse and could be seen on numerous mixtapes of Watts.

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New Group

After a colleague left the Swishahouse label, Paul and Chamillionaire also left the label and formed their own group “The Color Changin’ Click”. In this group, they released some songs for promotion labels like Cash Money, Def Jam Records, and No Limit Records.

However, this group was disbanded by the duo in 2005 due to creative differences. While Chamillionaire released records independently, Paul Wall returned to the Swishahouse label. This would later prove to be a good move for Paul, as it allowed him to appear on Mike Jones’ first commercially distributed single Still Tippin from his first major-label album Who Is Mike Jones?

Paul Wall released his first album, The Peoples Champ, in 2005, and it debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, Sittin’ Sidewayz was his first single entitled Big Pokey. The second single, They Don’t Know, included Bun B by UGK, and the video version featured Mike Jones. The third single, “Girl”, was aired massively on the radio, reaching number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Paul Wall: Wife, Weight Loss, Kids, Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Bio
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He was fascinated by the film and made his acting debut in the movie Furnance in 2006. Besides some other movies, he also got a role in movies like I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.

His second album Get Money, Stay True, was released in 2007 and peaked at number 1 in the Billboard Chart Top R&B/Hip Hop albums. From this album are singles like I’m Thrown with Jermaine Dupri, produced by Jermaine Dupri, and Break ‘Em Off with Lil Keke. In the same year, he appeared on the self-titled debut album of reggae artist Collie Buddz. He also appeared with celebrities in the Nickle Back music video “Rockstar”.

In December 2016 Paul Wall was involved in a drug raid in collaboration with Baby Bash. Although this was initially considered a rumor, it was later admitted by Paul himself.

Paul Wall’s Net Worth

Paul has indeed done well since the days when he recorded verses on mixtapes, released his own albums, and even some acting roles. As a result of all these efforts, his net worth is now estimated at $12.5 to $14 million. This estimated net worth will increase in the coming years as he makes several planned tours of the country.

Wife And Kids

Paul Wall: Wife, Weight Loss, Kids, Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Bio
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Paul Wall got to know Crystal during her student days. They began to meet and become closer. This relationship developed and brought them to the altar. They married on October 22, 2005, and have been together until today. The couple has admitted that apart from the fact that love is the main reason for their marriage, their passion for music makes them grow stronger and stronger. Interestingly, Crystal happens to be an artistic person herself, as she is an incredible country singer.

As a couple, they are blessed with two adorable children, a son “William Patrick” and a daughter “Noelle” (born two years after their son).

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Weight Loss

Paul, like most rappers in the industry, was seriously addicted to codeine and this caused a number of problems for his health, and the most notable was the weight gain. By taking codeine he gained an alarming 320 pounds in weight. However, he underwent gastric cuff surgery which enabled him to lose over 130 pounds in weight.

His wife also lost a considerable amount of weight, but she achieved this through a program called Zumba. Interestingly, she is now a Zumba instructor herself, and the couple now leads a healthier lifestyle. They have also encouraged their children to do the same, to the point where they have subjected them to disciplined exercise rudiments. They are also doing well to stop their weight struggles and days of depression and anxiety during excessive weight gain on sites like