Patrice Failor Bio, Height, Relationship With James Comey, Family
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Before the now-famous dinner between James Comey and Donald Trump, not many people paid attention to who James’ wife was, and although most people now want to know who she is, not much is known about her because she was not in the spotlight like her husband. Little is known about Patrice Failor and her early age, but she is American by birth. Apart from being the wife of James Comey – the former FBI director fired by Donald Trump – she also has a career for herself.

Patrice Failor Bio

Patrice Failor attended Williams and Mary College in Virginia where she met her husband James Comey in 1978. She graduated from college in 1982 and now holds a Master’s degree in Counseling. Patrice has worked as a volunteer at the Bridgeport High Court and has also dealt with juvenile justice issues. She is an advocate for foster children as she is also a foster parent. Patrice’s commitment to foster families is very close to her heart; she is also committed to the foster children in her community.

Following the death of her 9-day-old son from a treatable bacterial infection, she wrote an article to raise awareness for better screening of pregnant women for treatable deadly diseases that babies could come into contact with during birth. She said;

“I don’t want to scare anyone with my story, but I can’t let the death of my beautiful boy become just one in a long series of GBS tragedies.

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Patrice Failor Relationship with James Comey

Patrice met her husband James Comey in 1978 at college. Both have different stories about how they met. Patrice claims to have seen Comey at a daiquiri (cocktail) party, while James says they met when she suggested he run for the presidency of his college dormitory. A mutual friend finally introduced them and got them to sit down and talk. Patrice allowed James to talk about himself for three hours, which caused James to leave in love with her. They finally married in 1987, after graduating in 1982. Since then they have been together for 30 years and the number is growing.

Patrice Failor Bio, Height, Relationship With James Comey, Family
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James Brien Comey is 2.03 m tall and a lawyer by profession. He served as the 31st Assistant U.S. Attorney General, as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and as the seventh Director of the FBI for four years until he was fired by Donald Trump in May 2017. After his uncomfortable dinner at the White House, CNN reported that James said he had to cancel an appointment with his wife to honor President Trump’s invitation to dinner at the White House. He later explained that when Senator Angus King asked him about his dinner with President Trump, he said he liked to spend time with his wife and therefore regretted having canceled his date with her. This showed how much he appreciated spending time with his wife. This made headlines because it was said during the hearing, which was made very public.

About his nomination as FBI director of Barack Obama in 2013,
WestportNOW reported that Comey explained that almost everything he is and has done in his adult life is due to the great good fortune of marrying his wife Patrice Comey. Such remarks may justify the fact that Patrice’s relationship with her husband James Comey is an enviable relationship or what we can call relationship goals lately.

Patrice Failor’s Family 

Patrice had six children with her husband, James Comey, namely: Maurene, Brien, Abby, Collin, Claire, and Kate Comey. She lost Collin when he was just 9 days old due to a streptococcus infection and coped with the loss with her husband by her side. She has 5 children now. Of her 5 children, Maurene also attended Williams and Mary College and then went to Harvard Law School. Her son is the same height as his father and plays basketball at his college in Kenyon, Ohio. He aspires to be inspired as he was by his father, the federal prosecutor, and has completed an internship with the Arlington County Virginia Police Department.

Patrice and her husband James Comey are very family-oriented, so they will attend Broadway shows on the recommendation of their children. She and her husband have raised their children in Northern Virginia and Iowa.

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Patrice Failor Height  and Other Facts

Patrice can be described as a tall woman; she fits the height of her husband, who is 2.03 m tall.

She campaigned for the proper testing of pregnant women.

She is a fan of Broadway and LGBTQ stories.

She didn’t like living in New York and encouraged the family to move to Virginia.