Nicola Griffin Biography, Modelling Career, Body Measurements And Family
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Nicola Griffin is the mother of adult twin daughters and holds the record as the oldest person ever to appear in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. She braved adversity and made it clear to the modeling world that it’s not just about being young, having the shape of an hourglass, and standing 10 inches at 1.5 meters.

The middle-aged mother continues to break boundaries and took part in a lingerie shoot, even though she is the star of a recent SLiNK magazine shoot. She admitted that her first model shoot was the biggest thing she has ever done and she would be happy to see more women with unique body variations in the media.

Nicola Griffin Biography, Family

Nicola was born in Nottingham in 1956. The exact day and month of her birth were not published, because she is a somewhat new model celebrity. With her perfect blend of uniqueness, she has redefined the contemporary view of modeling and has become a familiar face in the Who’s Who of the modeling world since her first shoot. For one thing, she is more than twice as old as most celebrity models.

Nicola Griffin, Biography, Modelling Career, Body Measurements, Family
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Her twin daughters Tabitha and Elly are both grown up and it was they who motivated her to take on an advertising role for a company producing white hair shampoo. She and her husband had separated more than 10 years ago, and their world revolved very much around their twin daughters, who were then going to university. One for Manchester, the other for Newcastle.

Before entering the world of modeling, she worked for a French-language school where she arranged exchange programs for French students who came to the UK to learn English.

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Nicola Griffin’s Body Measurements

Nicola is a middle-aged supermodel who, although not so young, turns her head at every turn. She has managed to maintain an attractive body shape with remarkable curves and a well-toned and firm skin that dazzles the eyes of all who look at her pictures. If the opposite were true, we certainly wouldn’t have bikini pictures of a middle-aged model everywhere on social media. The right food with an appropriate training routine has kept this unique model on the first flag of the celebrity discussion.

Nicola has gray hair with well-fitting blue eyes, she is a tall woman who is exactly 1.5 meters 10 inches tall. Her bust size 34E is clearly visible in her bikini shootings. Her waist and hips are 32.5 and 42 respectively and her shoe size is 42.

Nicola Griffin Modelling Career

Nicola started her modeling career a few years ago when she least expected it. The life she lived before was very different from what we know her for today. With her, it’s like a middle-aged single mother was in the right place at the right time, where luck met her. The rest today is the breathtaking story of a supermodel who has outgrown her youth. Maybe this was her calling, which she couldn’t have missed.

Nicola Griffin, Biography, Modelling Career, Body Measurements, Family
Image source

Nicola was standing in line with her twin daughters in a bank when a woman knocked her from behind and asked a rather strange question. The woman was from a hair product company called White Hot Hair, which at the time wanted to get suitable models for their latest campaign.

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Tabitha and Elly encouraged her mother to accept the offer and they hardly knew that it was not a one-off activity. With the success of the White Hot Hair shoot, she got more modeling jobs from local agencies to London-based Milk Model Management. Some of the celebrity shoots she has done include a shoot for a skin campaign, a lingerie shoot and a brochure for a retirement home. Nicola became the oldest person ever to appear in the swimwear edition of Sports Illustrated and still holds that record today.

While most women will choose to dye their hair youthfully again, Nicola chose to leave her hair and even struggled to keep it attractive for about two years before it turned completely grey. Today this decision has paid off.