Nick Jonas Tattoo, Teeth
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Many pop stars and celebrities receive permanent ink to carry their inspirations to the outside world. From Justin Bieber to Miley Cyrus, tattoos are supposed to express an artist’s passions, and it’s a consensus that they look pretty cool, too. Whether it’s a sleeve or just a single marker, tattoos are often filled with subtle meaning and references to personal experiences. and Check out Nick Jonas Tattoo

While some celebrities get their ink for purely superficial reasons (they too generally look pretty cute), others choose designs that evoke passion and inspiration every time the needle hits the skin. One of the more iconic and symbolic tattoos of recent times is the one on Nick Jonas’ forearm. The piece was created in 2013 and there has been a lot of talk about what it means and why it is so special.

Nick Jonas Tattoo, Teeth

The Meaning of Nick Jonas Tattoo

At first glance, the group of symbols can easily be mistaken for some kind of hieroglyphics or extraterrestrial relics. To an uninformed observer, it appears as nonsense or as something that lies too deep for an outsider to understand. It is cryptic in concept and somewhat confusing without further explanation, but when explained, it makes perfect sense and fits both Nick Jonas and the Jonas Brothers’ brand.

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The meaning of this tattoo is quite simple and straightforward. The tattoo first appeared on his Instagram page in 2013 with the headline: “God is greater than the ups and downs”. From the picture of the tattoo, it is not difficult to sort out the symbols. G stands for God, then the “greater than” symbol (>), followed by a vertex? and a? representing the ups and downs.

Nick Jonas Tattoo, Teeth

This should accompany his tattoo “Mercy” from the beginning of the year, which also has a clear personal and spiritual meaning for Nick Jonas. The Jonas brothers are famous for their Christian faith. A popular theme in their early years was the purity rings the group wore, symbolizing chastity until marriage. This and his “Mercy” tattoo fit the same pattern, but are a more mature expression.

In addition to the religious implications of the tattoo, the Jonas Brothers released their Album V shortly after the ink was finished. The V in the tattoo of Nick Jonas refers to the album. This may be unintentional, but it was certainly a reminder to most fans who keep an eye on the upcoming album. It was a bit of publicity back then, but the staying power lies in the meaning of the tattoo itself. It is a constant reminder to Nick Jonas and all his fans that God is greater than all. Even though there are good times and bad times, God is always watching and trumps all the experiences of this world.

Nick’s Teeth

As much as we idolize our celebrities, they are not without their eccentricity and flaws. Nick Jonas himself also has his faults, which in his case makes him even more tempting. In September 2015, an author of Buzzfeed revealed that the singer has “three front teeth”, which led some to call him an “extra tooth”.

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Nick Jonas Tattoo, Teeth

The revelation provoked angry comments from fans, with some describing the post as lame, superficial, uneducated, incorrect, and many other adjectives. The most widespread ideal was that Nick has a lateral incisor, and if that is indeed true, then Nick’s mistake is not a mistake after all. Look at the pictures for yourself and judge for yourself.

What do we think? Well, we don’t care if Nick has five front teeth, after all, he is still Jonas’ hottest brother.