Nick Groff Wife, Family Tragedy, Net Worth, Why He Left Ghost Adventures
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Nick Groff has been enraptured by the supernatural as long as anyone – including himself – can remember. He is an American musician, producer, television personality, and researcher of paranormal phenomena. Nick has many interests, but he is known almost exclusively for his efforts to track down and investigate paranormal events.

In 2004 he became executive producer, cameraman, and editor of a documentary called Ghost Busters. He was also part of the cast as a co-investigator. In 2008 he began work on a television series of the same name. In this series he took on the same roles and responsibilities from the documentary, in which he was involved for ten seasons, culminating in 2014.

During his time with the Ghost Busters, Nick was also involved in many other projects, most of which tended towards the paranormal. In 2016 he started his television series Paranormal Lockdown. He has also produced several films, released several music albums, and collaborated with other networks and channels such as Travel Channel, TLC, and Destination America.

Nick Groff Wife, Family Tragedy, Net Worth, Why He Left Ghost Adventures
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Nick Groff Early Life, Family Tragedy

Nicholas Groff was born on April 19, 1980, in San Jose, California. However, he grew up in Nashua, New Hampshire. Nick’s interest in the supernatural goes back to his childhood. Nick revealed that he had a near-death experience at the age of eight. He was playing in a tree in the yard of his parent’s house when he fell to the ground from a branch of the tree.

At the age of ten, young Nick told of an apparition of a black man. He believes that his accident at the age of eight had made him more open and receptive to the supernatural. He attended Pelham High School in New Hampshire, then attended the University of Nevada and graduated with a degree in film.

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Nicholas met Zak Bagans in 2004, and the two got along well after they discovered their common interest in paranormal activities. They started out together as DJ and cameraman for weddings until they decided to become a team of paranormal investigators. They hired for this and had to hire an extra hand, so they chose Aaron Goodwin, who was a colleague of Groff’s from his time at the University of Nevada.

In 2004, the trio began searching for evidence of paranormal activity in some of the scariest places in Nevada and began shooting a documentary. Soon, their work was noticed by some producers and critics, who rated them positively. Nick and his friends from Ghost Adventurers soon got a contract for their own show to be broadcast on the travel channel. During the show, Nick once claimed to have seen a female ghost when they were filming at Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles. This experience and several others helped to strengthen his belief in the afterlife.

The series was called “Ghost Adventurers” and premiered on October 17, 2008. Nick Groff was the executive producer and co-investigator for ten seasons, with the tenth season of the series set for 2014. This was his last season in any capacity on the show. After leaving the show, Nick Groff created another show called Ghost Stalkers for Destination America. However, the show could not continue the success of his previous efforts and only lasted six episodes.

Nick Groff Wife, Family Tragedy, Net Worth, Why He Left Ghost Adventures
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Other Endeavors About Nick Groff

The Californian boy also has a small business in him and has been working to monetize his brand. Nick Groff has his own clothing brand, which he called “Phantom Collection”. In 2012 he also published a book called Chasing Spirits: The Ghost Adventure Crew Building. It was a kind of memoir about his experiences and those of his crew during his time with Ghost Adventures. In the same year, Nick also released two music albums under Groff Entertainment, his entertainment company. The first was The Other Side and the next was Spiritual War: Good vs.

Nick has also used Groff Entertainment to produce songs and albums for several independent artists. He has also produced, written, and directed (as executive producer) several film and television projects. These included Malevolence in 2004 and the Travel Channel’s Vegas Stripped series in 2012.

His other business endeavors include a gym that he opened in June 2013 in the city of Methuen, Massachusetts. He called it “Drive, Health & Fitness” and was co-owner of the facility until August 2015. He also participated in the televised American Ninja Warrior competition in 2014.

His last effort in the world of the paranormal came on March 4, 2016, when he premiered his new show Paranormal Lockdown at his destination America. This project was much more successful than their previous collaboration and brought the station high ratings. As a result, it was picked up by TLC for its second and third seasons. As part of his relationship with the destination America, he was also involved in its Ghosts of Shepherdstown project in 2016. Here he played the role of an expert on paranormal phenomena, who was called in to assist the police department in cases involving paranormal phenomena.

Why Nick Groff Left Ghost Adventurers

While Nick was with the Ghost Adventurers, he began to attract the interest of other networks, particularly Discovery Channel’s sister network, Destination America. Reports indicate that Nick had planned a new show with the channel that had been courting him and found no way to resolve the scheduling issues between them and the Travel Channel, so the only option was to leave the show.

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While some other reports suggest that he was fired from the show, there were other rumors that suggested that a dispute arose between Nick Groof and Zak Bagans. The fire of these rumors was ignited when in 2016, days after the premiere of Nick’s Paranormal Lockdown, Bagans published a series of tweets accusing a nameless character of shamelessly using the Ghost Adventurers brand to further his own ambitions.

Is he married, who is his wife?

Nicholas is married to Veronique Roussel. The couple met in high school and got engaged in their senior year of high school. Veronica is his earliest confidante and partner in his early days as a supernatural investigator. The couple married in 2004, where they met Nick Zak Bagans, who was the DJ for the ceremony.

Nick and Veronica have lived in New England since 2012, where they had their second daughter Chloë in September 2014. Their first child is a girl named Annabelle who was born in December 2010.

Nick Groff’s Net Worth

Nick’s music and film ambitions, along with his clothing brand and other ambitions, mean that he’s sitting on a decent pile of money. According to various sources, he is sitting on a net worth of $1 million.