Nancy Alspaugh Bio, Married, Husband, Children, Divorce, Net Worth
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Nancy Alspaugh is a famous American author, screenwriter, and producer known for her books: Fearless Women: Midlife Journeys (2005) and Not Your Mothers Midlife: A Ten-Step Guide to Fearless Aging (2003). In Hollywood she became a celebrity because she wrote the popular American talk show Leeza (1994); the celebrity talk show Vicki! (1992) and as executive producer for the syndicated talk show The Bradshaw Difference (1996).

As a screenwriter, Alspaugh’s contribution to Leeza was nominated five times for the Daytime Emmy Award in the category “Outstanding Talk Show”. Other nominations include the Daytime Emmy Award in the category Outstanding Writing Special Class.

Nancy Alspaugh Bio

Nancy Alspaugh was born in the United States on May 4, 1955. There is no information about her birthplace, except that she is American and of white descent.

There is also no information about her family; parents, siblings, or educational background.

Nancy Alspaugh Bio, Married, Husband, Children, Divorce, Net Worth
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Nancy Alspaugh Career

Nancy Alspaugh became known in the early 1990s as a talented author of a number of talk shows. She was the producer of the popular talk show Caryl & Marilyn: Real Friends – from 1996 to 1997.

In 2003, she published a book entitled Midlife: A Ten-Step Guide to Fearless Aging, which she co-wrote with television actress Marilyn Kentz. Two years later she published another book entitled Fearless Women: Midlife Journeys. Both authors were recognized for their efforts to help many women welcome the peace and wisdom that comes with accepting the aging process.

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Alspaugh is the guardian of a number of awards, including the Associated Press Award, the United Press International Award, and the Gabriel Award. Hollywood reporters named her one of the “Women to Watch”.

In addition to her writing skills, Nancy Alspaugh is an active participant in the non-profit organization Act Today! (Care and treatment of autism today!).

Nancy Alspaugh Net Worth

There is no accurate record of Nancy Alspaugh’s net worth from 2018, and while some sources claim she is worth around $100,000, others report she is worth up to $8 million.

One thing is certain, however: she has earned great fame and her hard work is yielding a considerable amount of money. Her main source of income is her career as a screenwriter/writer in Hollywood and as a producer.

Alspaugh was famous for being Matt Lauer’s ex-wife, and she is also popular for defending him when he was fired by NBC for sexual misconduct.

It is reported that her late husband, Read Jackson, hasd a net worth of $19 million.

Is She Married? Husband, Children

Nancy Alspaugh Bio, Married, Husband, Children, Divorce, Net Worth
Image source

Nancy Alspaugh made the alliance with her husband Read Jackson, a FOX executive who died on January 25, 2016, after fighting cancer. Jackson was a veteran marine, former producer of 60 Minutes, a senior executive at FOX Sports Net, and producer for AVC World News Tonight.

Alspaugh, who has produced the Leeza Gibbons Show for 25 years, and her late husband Jackson adopted their son Wyatt Jackson at birth, who was later diagnosed with autism.

Apart from Wyatt, she had no other children from her previous marriage to Matt Lauer – a well-known television personality and one of the most expensive journalists of the year until he was fired from his job as a presenter on NBC.

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In the meantime, her son inspired her to get involved and become involved in many charities around autism. She became the executive director of ACT Today, a non-profit organization responsible for the care and treatment of people with autism.

Nancy Alspaugh believes she discovered her calling when she began helping people who suffer a similar fate. Through her research and personal experience, she began to help families find appropriate treatment and a reliable source of resources to meet the challenges of raising a disabled child. Fans admire her determination never to lose hope and to remain positive.

So far, the organization has reportedly raised up to $5 million for the cause since its inception in 2014.


Alspaugh’s marriage to Lauer ended after 7 years, from 1981 to 1988, and after the separation, she lived out of the limelight for a while until her second marriage to Jackson.

On November 30, 2017, she received great media attention for her statement in defense of her first husband, who was accused of “inappropriate sexual behavior. Despite various accusations against him that prompted NBC to dismiss him, Alspaugh insisted that his side of the story must also be heard.

In her statement, she said that Matt Lauer was the best man who ever held the job and that he did not believe he was given a chance to defend himself.