Mohamed Salah Biography, Wife, Salary, Net Worth and Other Facts
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If we look at how the life of this Egyptian football star has evolved over the years, we would be forced to conclude that success is not based solely on the level of education achieved in life. Mohamed Salah was a failure in education, but in football, he became a complete success.

Mohamed’s success story in football can be traced back to his resounding performances of infamous football teams such as Basel, Chelsea, Italian club Fiorentina, Liverpool, and, above all, to his achievements in his country’s national team, which earned him the nicknames Egyptian King or Egyptian Messi.

Mohamed Salah Biography

Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian professional footballer known for celebrating goals by performing the Sujood, was born on 15 June 1992 to average Egyptian parents. The footballer with the zodiac sign of Gemini is an Egyptian national and Arabic ethnicity. He showed a passion for football at a young age. However, he was not brilliant in academic subjects, which worried his middle-class parents, who were interested in finding the right balance between his passion for football and his academic subjects, but by all indications, Mohamed showed no signs of improvement in academic subjects and eventually, football became his main concern during his childhood. During his formative years, the aspiring football star was completely immersed in the game, unaffected by his parents’ desire to pursue a more conventional career.

Mohamed Salah Biography, Wife, Salary, Net Worth and Other Facts
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It is well known that Mohamed watched football on television when he was not playing on the pitch. Initially, football was just a game he enjoyed until he joined a local youth club called El Mokawloon in Cairo. Although the location of his new club was so far away from where he lived that he had to take five buses to get there, Mohamed was not discouraged at all, but his passion for the game kept him going.

Finally, in 2010, at the age of 18, he was accepted into the senior national team. He was often used as a substitute in the early stages, but as his skills improved he began to play as a regular striker. Even when the Egyptian league experienced closure in 2012 and the confidence of several players was uncertain, Mohamed Salah was not deterred, signing a four-year contract with Basel in 2012 and making his first appearance at the UEFA Championship and Europa League that same year. Since then, he has played for renowned clubs such as Chelsea, Italian club Fiorentina, Roma, and Liverpool. To top it all off, he became part of the Egyptian national team and his performances for his country’s national team earned him a place in the tournament’s CAF team.

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Net Worth and Salary

The football star’s net worth is estimated at $28 million and he earns $3 million in annual income. In recent years, the Egyptian football champion, who plays as a striker for the Egyptian national team and for Liverpool, has seen his net worth increase by over 32%. His income is expected to rise at a very strong pace, which will certainly have an impact on his future net wealth.

According to sources, Mohamed’s net worth is expected to grow by 85%, which is quite remarkable. The veteran footballer recently purchased a brand new luxury car from BMW valued at $250,000, bringing the total number of all his luxury bikes to seven with an estimated value of $2 million. He also owns two luxury homes valued at $12 million. We expect to learn more about the football star’s improved fortunes in the near future.

Mohamed Salah Biography, Wife, Salary, Net Worth and Other Facts
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Who is his Wife?

Mohammed’s love life is a simple one: in 2013, the football champion married his girlfriend Maggi, who is also a devout Muslim, and they married according to Muslim laws and customs. All the signs indicate that married life is in line with the couple who have been living in marital bliss for almost five years, and the trend is rising.

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The couple’s marriage is blessed with a female child Makka, born in 2014. Makka was born at Westminster Hospital in South West London and named after the Islamic holy city of Mecca. Mohammed loves his cute daughter so much and is often seen with her. Mohammed Salah for his part sees his wife Maggi as a loving and caring wife. Their marriage is getting stronger day by day and divorce is very far from their union.

Other Facts About Mohamed Salah

Full Name The football superstar’s full name is Mohamed Salah Ghaly, his last name is Salah Ghaly, while he is commonly known by his nickname Salah. His fans, however, gave him the nicknames Egyptian Messi and Egyptian King.

Body Statistics Mohamed Salah stands at a height of 1.75 m or 5 feet 9 inches. He weighs 71 kg or 151 lbs and plays with jersey no. 11. His short-cut hair is black and his eyes are dark brown.

Hobbies Among the hobbies of the famous footballer are soccer, watching movies and playing video games.

Philanthropy – Mohammed is known for his generous donations to charitable foundations and special children.