Mina Starsiak Age, Wiki, Father, Husband, Kids, Family, Bio
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Sometimes in life, good things come to us in unexpected ways when we have never worked to have them. Mina Starsiak can bear witness to this because in this way she got her role as the leading actress in a TV show just by answering a phone call.

Bio and Age of Mina Starsiak

Mina was born Mina Nicole Starsiak on November 26, 1987, in Indianapolis, United States of America, as the daughter of Karan and Casey Starsiak. She is an American by nationality and belongs to the white American ethnic group. Nina’s parents divorced when she was young and this contributed to the fact that she had seven siblings in her family. We will explain how this came about in the following sections.

The host of the television show completed her high school education at one of the local schools in her neighborhood in Indiana before enrolling in the University of Indiana to study economics and sociology.

Mina Starsiak Age, Wiki, Father, Husband, Kids, Family, Bio
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She is a businesswoman and real estate agent by profession. In 2007 she was commissioned to renovate a house, which was her first assignment. She enlisted the help of her mother, who gave her every assistance possible. They did a good job and had the house repaired. Soon afterward they opened their real estate company and called it “Two chicks and a hammer”.

To support the growth of her company, which is jointly managed by her mother, she joined the Twitter platform in 2015, where she promoted her work. She won the patronage as well as customers who used her services to repair their respective homes. In addition to Twitter, Mina also joined other social media platforms to reach a newer audience, and as part of this, she subscribed to membership on Facebook.

Mina Starsiak’s career, for which we know her today, began with a phone call from the casting director of HGTV’s new Reno show Good Bones after he discovered her work through her Facebook profile. She was offered the opportunity to start a television show about her renovation work on her house, which she accepted. Together with her mother, she hosts the show, which has over 15 million viewers worldwide: Karen Laine.

Mina Starsiak Age, Wiki, Father, Husband, Kids, Family, Bio
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In the show, the mother-daughter duo travels across the United States to find houses that in some cases are in urgent need of maintenance or renovation and to completely redesign them. In some cases, they buy a house, tear it down completely and build an appropriate house in its place where it once stood.

The show was very successful in its first season and gained a huge fan base, which is why they renewed their license for their second season or broadcast.

Family – Father, Husband, Kids

The pedigree of Mina Starsiak is quite extensive and a bit complex, all thanks to her father and mother. But this is not a bad thing, because you will find it interesting.

Starsiak’s father, Casey Starsiak, had three children with Laine Starsiak, his wife, and Mina’s mother before he divorced her. After the divorce, Mina’s mother married another man named Randy, with whom she had a daughter named Kelsy. This is her fourth child.

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Mina’s father in turn also remarried another woman named Cheryl, who bore him two children; Jess and Tad, five children from his two marriages. Cheryl died, and Tad had an argument with his father, Mina’s father, and this led to him moving to Mina to work with her on her building sites.

Mina’s mother, Laine, later divorced her second husband, Randy, when she married another man named Mick. This became her third marriage, which did not last, as she also married another man named Roger.

It is a good thing that the complex Family Three, which is characteristic of Mina’s immediate parents, is void in her own family. She married happily with her flock Stephen Hawk on June 11, 2016, in an elaborate wedding ceremony presided over by her mother, a professional event manager, and a qualified minister.

She and her husband spent a mini-moon in Charleston, S.C., followed by a honeymoon in Cabo.

They are foster parents of their daughter named Julie. It’s unclear when Julie came into their lives, but all I can tell from their various Instagram pictures about her is that they love her with much love.