Melvin Gordon Biography: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know About Him
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You know that Melvin Gordon is currently one of the best running back players in the National Football League, don’t you? Well, you’d be surprised to learn that he’s even better than the player you think he is when you follow his career statistics and performance.

Even before this guy was introduced to the NFL by the Los Angeles Chargers, then known as the San Diego Chargers, he’s been knocking down so many walls in the game since he was a junior in high school. Take a look at the records, you’ll find that the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association (WFCA) has listed him on their all-state and all-region teams.

In his senior year, he was super-phenomenal, and the WFCA and Associated Press couldn’t help but mention him on their first-team all-state lists. Most importantly, Melvin was named Gatorade Soccer Player of the Year. Mr. Gordon was expected to have a remarkable college career, and he did, as he quickly amassed a string of awards while setting numerous records.

While it would be time-consuming and quite unnecessary to list all his records, some of the few awards he has received include the Chicago Tribune Silver Football Award, the Doak Walker Award, and the Jim Brown Trophy, all in 2014. From his biography to other facts about his life and career, here are the things you should know about the Bolts superstar.

Melvin Gordon Biography: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know About Him
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Melvin Gordon Biography

Melvin Gordon III was born and raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin; his date of birth was April 13, 1993. Because of the fame he has achieved as a footballer, details of his athletic accomplishments tower above his family life and cast a shadow over other things one might want to know about his upbringing and parents.

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Nevertheless, we can state that his father, Melvin Gordon Sr., better known as Big Bo, is still married to his mother, Carmen Gordon (nurse). From what we have learned, Big Bo was a drug dealer, selling cocaine that the running back once called his only source of income. Regardless of the fact that the law caught up with Big Bo and put him in jail, Melvin considers him a great father and considers him and Carmen his biggest supporters. Melvin is his parents’ only child.

As a student at Mary D. Bradford High School in Melvin’s hometown, it became obvious that this boy would blossom as an athlete. Melvin was not only good at soccer but also at athletics. Several platforms listed him as one of the best aspiring athletes, and so numerous universities appeared to help him pursue his college career. Melvin received offers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Michigan, Iowa, and Louisville. He initially accepted the offer from the University of Iowa, but later gave it up in favor of the University of Wisconsin.

Melvin Gordon Biography: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know About Him

Melvin Gordon Rise To Fame

Unlike most soccer players, who do not get any noticeable attention until their college careers, Melvin was already very popular in his high school days. While the fact that he had a sporting bent attracted a lot of attention, his popularity skyrocketed when ESPN named him the best player in the north-central state and ranked him a four-star recruit.

Highlights and Awards

The greatest achievement in Melvin Gordon’s professional career to date is undoubtedly his participation in the 2016 NFL All-Star Game, and other highlights and awards in his career include his career as a college footballer. Among the many recognitions he received, his unanimous appointment as All-American and the first team of the 2014 All-Big-Ten should be highlighted. In the same year, he received the Doak Walker Award and was also honored as Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year. That’s not all, Melvin was the 2011 and the following year Big Ten champion.

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NFL Career Stats

This guy has been on fire for the Bolts since he was selected by the team in the first round of the NFL Draft 2015. He is currently the reigning offensive player of the year, and starting in 2017 his NFL career statistics are as shown below:

Receiving Touchdowns – 6

Rushing Touchdowns – 18

Receptions – 132

Receiving Yards – 1,087

Rushing Yards – 2,743

Salary and Net Worth

Due to the fact that many people have shown interest in knowing the amount of wealth this offensive player has accumulated, several numbers have been given as his net worth, but none of them can be authenticated as all of them are guesses. Nevertheless, it is common knowledge that the four-year contract this guy signed with the Chargers in May 2015 is worth $10.66 million. The amount is fully guaranteed and comes with a signing bonus of $6 million.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Melvin Gordon is one inch taller than 6 feet and weighs 215 pounds. We still need to confirm more details of his body measurements.