Matt Ryan With Wife, Family, Sara Marshall, Net Worth, Salary, House
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Matt Ryan is a successful American quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons who also has a flourishing NFL career. Here you will find details about his biography, career, family, wife, and other facts worth knowing.

Matt Ryan Background Information

Mathew Thomas Ryan was born on May 17, 1985, in the suburbs of Exton, Pennsylvania, USA. Early on he attended the William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From the beginning of his school days, he showed so much interest in sports. He had the right stature for the sport and joined the soccer, basketball, and baseball teams. He was appointed captain of all the aforementioned teams. After finishing school, he joined Boston College in 2003, from where he realized his dream of becoming an NFL player.

In the 2004 season, Matt played as a quarterback, passing 24 out of 51 passes over 200 yards, he was also academically strong and was honored as a male junior scholarship athlete in 2004. In the 2005 season, he played 121 of 195 passes over 1514 in 10 games and 19 of 36 passes over 256 yards in the MPC Computers Bowl. In 2006, he completed 254 of 398 passes for 2700 yards in 11 games and made history at Boston College with 40 passes that broke the previous record of 37. In 2007, his team also did well, and he received a Golden Arm award from Johnny Unitas in 2007, the Manning Award in 2007, and was named Eagle of the Year in BC.

Matt Ryan With Wife, Family, Sara Marshall, Net Worth, Salary, House
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Matt Ryan’s Family

The athlete is the third child among four children of Michael and Bernice Ryan, who are of Roman Catholic and Irish descent. John Loughery, a good American football player, is Matt’s uncle and was a quarterback at Boston College from 1979 to 1982. Matt’s brother Mike was also a fan of American football and dreamed of playing in the NFL. However, his dream was disappointed when he and his brother Matt were involved in a roadside accident. Mike married Maggie, Sarah’s (Matt’s wife) sister, while they (Matt and Sarah) were still in a relationship.

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Matt Ryan’s Wife: Sarah Marshall

Sarah Marshall, now Sarah Ryan, is the beautiful and elegant-looking wife of famous NFL player Matt Ryan. She was born to John and Susan Marshall on July 23, 1985, in Portland, Maine. She has named 3 other siblings: Abby, Maggie, and Anna. She was educated in Catherine McAuley Falmouth and later attended Boston College where she joined the local basketball team and graduated with a Communications major.

Ryan and Sarah, who were both freshmen and athletes at Boston College, met in 2003 in a weight room and loved each other. They started a relationship, and after a while, they got engaged in 2010, and finally, in April 2011, they tied the knot.

Matt Ryan With Wife, Family, Sara Marshall, Net Worth, Salary, House
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Matt Ryan’s Net Worth, Salary, House

The athlete’s career in soccer created a path to wealth for him, as he was able to land contracts and deals that earned him a huge percentage of his net worth. His initial 5-year contract with the Atlanta Falcons made him popular and led to other contracts, including his dream of becoming an NFL player. His career in the NFL began in 2008 with a contract based on a 6-year contract worth $72 million, which made him the fourth highest-paid player in the NFL records. This contract was extended for 5 years and was worth $103.75 million. Matt is also one of the 10 highest-paid athletes in the world, as he is said to receive a salary of about $42 million per year and his net worth is about $85 million.

Matt enjoys the comfort of deluxe homes, having lived in places like Tuxedo Road, Exton, Chestnut Hill, Buckhead, and Duluth. In 2008, the NFL superstar also received a luxury home for about $4.5 million and another one in Duluth worth $874,000.

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Other Facts About Matt Ryan

Below are some interesting and worth knowing facts about this top-class athlete:

  • Matt Ryan got the nickname ‘Matty Ice’ after he named his website Matty Ice.
  • He is a big fan of basketball and his best athlete is Lebron James.
  • He loves to eat cheese pizza, play golf, and travel, especially to Paris, Italy, and Hawaii.
  • He stands at a gallant height of 6 feet, 5 inches.
  • His best friends are Matthew Stafford and Tom Brady.
  • Matt loves luxury cars, of which he has many, and his first two cars were Ford Explorers, the first was navy blue and the second green.