Luis Suarez Wife, Brothers, Age, Teeth, Net Worth, Height, Weight
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Uruguayan professional footballer Luis Suarez is one of the greatest footballers of his age and time. His achievements over the years are almost endless, from the end of the 6-year dominance of Messi and Ronaldo, when he won the Pichi trophy of the La Liga in 2016, to winning two European Golden Boots (the Dutch Eredivisie and the English Premier League).

Luis Suarez is particularly revered for his years in Liverpool and Barcelona. During his debut season with Barcelona, Suarez was part of the impressive MSN attacking trio, which set a record of 122 goals, the highest of any attacking trio in Spanish football history. In the same season, Suarez won a triple goal with Barca. Follow us as we guide you through Suarez’s journey to football glory as we shed more light on what is going on in his private life.

Luis Suarez Age and Early Life

Suarez was born Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz on 24 January 1987 in Salto, Uruguay. When he was 7 years old, his parents moved to Montevideo, where Suarez grew up for the rest of his childhood.

Luis Suarez Wife, Brothers, Age, Teeth, Net Worth, Height, Weight
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Unfortunately, his parents divorced 2 years after the move. Suarez began to take an interest in football and spent most of his time on the streets, developing his skills and supporting himself financially.

The Uruguayan sports institution Nacional was attracted to Suarez, and in 2003 Suarez began his youth career with the national team. He left the team in 2006 and joined the Dutch Eredivisie team Groningen and later Ajax. At Ajax, he improved greatly and attracted the attention of the English team Liverpool, where his star continued to shine.

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Who are his Brothers?

Did you know that Suarez has no sisters? Yes, the football star was born as the fourth boy in a family that would later include seven boys. The names of four of his brothers have become famous, including Paolo Suarez, Diego Suarez, Facundo Suarez, and Maximiliano Suarez. The next popular brother after Luis is Paolo, who is now a retired footballer. Born in 1980, Paolo is 7 years older than Suarez and the oldest of the Suarez brothers.

Although they played football together in their youth, Luis outshone his brother Paolo, who played mainly for El Salvador’s top professional football league La Primera. Like his brother Luis, Paolo played as a striker and sometimes as a midfielder. Throughout his career at La Primera, Paolo played 368 games and scored 73 goals. In 1999, he played in the Uruguayan U20s but never made it to the senior side. After his time with Isidro Metapán, Paolo Suarez ended his career in May 2018.

Luis Suarez Net Worth

When Suarez left Ajax in January 2011, he moved to Liverpool after a 5.5-year contract worth £22.8 million. In 2014 he agreed to a 5-year contract with Spanish side Barcelona, which reached a record value of £64.98 million, making him one of the most expensive footballers in the history of the game. This contract has resulted in Luis being placed on the Forbes list of the world’s highest-paid athletes.

According to Forbes, Suarez earned 23.3 million dollars in 2017. The increase in his soccer salary is made possible by sponsorship contracts with Adidas, Pepsi, the clothing company My Brand, and the sunglasses manufacturer Hawker. Suarez’s base salary will be over £15 million in 2018. All these efforts and more have contributed to Luis Suarez having a net worth of over $70 million.

Suarez’s Wife

Luis Suarez Wife, Brothers, Age, Teeth, Net Worth, Height, Weight
Image source

Suarez may be known for making headlines on the pitch, but when it comes to his romantic life, the football star is a very faithful and loyal man. Luis’ love story with his wife Sofia Balbi is a very inspiring story.

They met in 2001, when Suarez, then 15 years old, was a simple street sweeper. As the story tells, Suarez had to save all his money from his meager, low-paid job to go out with her. Since then, she’s been his ride or his death.

When Sofia’a’s parents moved from Uruguay to Barcelona in 2003, it broke Suarez’s heart, but on the other hand, it motivated him to improve his game so that he could move up to Europe and be with her again. And that’s exactly what he did.

They got married in 2009. Suarez also joined Barca in 2014 to be closer to his in-laws. Suarez and his wife have two children together, a son named Benjamin and a daughter named Delfina.

Suarez’s wife Sofia was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on October 11, 1989. She has a brother, Gonzalo Balbi, who also plays football.

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About His Teeth. Height and Weight

Suarez has sparked a number of controversies throughout his career, the most notorious of which concerns his teeth. As part of his aggression, Suarez has bitten his opponents on three different occasions, two of them in a club match and one during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Luis Suarez bit PSV’s Otman Baccal on the shoulder in November 2010, and Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic in a 2013 match. The third match, which took place during a FIFA World Cup match against Italy, received the most media attention. Defender Giorgio Chiellini was the victim. Suarez was punished for the deliberate offense with a 4-month match blockade and an international ban for 9 matches. Suarez later revealed that he had lied to his wife about the incident.

These bites caused a lot of interest in Suarez’s teeth, and many called him a vampire. Suarez’s aggressive nature on the field was associated with the fact that he grew up on the streets.

Barca’s striker is 181 cm (5 feet 11 inches) tall. At this height, his body weight is 86 kg. His chest measures 38 inches or 96.5 CM, the arms/biceps are 15 inches or 38 CM and the waist is 33 inches or 84 CM.