Louise Lombard Biography – 5 Key Facts To Know About The English Actress
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Louise Lombard is a well-known and popular English actress who is widely known for the role of Evangeline Eliott in the highly-rated BBC drama series The House of Eliott and Sofia in the popular CBS drama series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

The very beautiful woman, who was named one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world by Peoples’ Magazine in 1994, began her career in 1988 when she was still a teenager. Since then she has appeared in many television shows and films, about which you will learn more below.

Louise Lombard Biography

Louise Lombard was born under the maiden name Louise Marie Perkins on September 13, 1970, in Redbridge, London, England. Details and information about the status of her family, her background, the name of her parents and that of her siblings are currently not available. However, some sources indicate that she is the 5th child of 7 children born of her parents.

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According to her racial status, she is British by birth and belongs to the Irish ethnic group. Louise had already developed an interest in drama and acting at a very tender age. At the age of 8, she began to take acting and drama lessons.

Academically, Louise had attended various schools at different times in her life to equip and build herself. So we can say that she is very healthy and intelligent. Louise began her educational journey by attending a Catholic high school called Trinity Catholic High School.

After graduating from this school she was admitted to the University of Cambridge to study English Literature. A few years later she developed further interest in painting and photography, and so she went to St. Martins College in London to study painting and photography.

Louise Lombard Biography – 5 Key Facts To Know About The English Actress
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5 Key Facts About The English Actress

1. Career History

Louise Lombard officially began her career in 1988, and a few years later she gained a role that would eventually make her popular and famous in the industry. She played the role of Evangeline Eliott in the popular BBC television series The House of Eliott from the 1990s. After that, she got another chance to appear in other small roles in some series before she got the role of Anna in the 1991 Chancer series. The Chancer series became her big hit and success. She also starred in several television dramas and some movies.

Louise Lombard decided that it was time to reinvent herself in her field of study. She went back to school, and that was St. Edmund’s College, where she studied English literature. After this study, she returned to acting. She played the leading role in films like Tale of the Mummy (1998) and Hidalgo (2004).

Louise returned to the television series. She starred in series such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Built to Kill (2006), Living Doll (2006), Dead Doll (2007). Also in 2009, she appeared in episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles and in the 2011 CSI season (season 11). Recently she appeared again in NCIS as Macy and in Stargate Universe with Robert Carlyle.

2. Marriage/Divorce

Louise Lombard was previously married. But right now she is with another man. She first married Jon Stephen in 1998. Unfortunately, the marriage with Jon did not survive long, because the two got divorced a few years later. It didn’t take long before she found love again, and this time in the arms of Alejandro Sol, with whom she had been since 2004. They still live together today.

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3. Children

Louise Lombard is a very happy mother of two children. She gave birth to her first son in 2005, named after his father Alejandro Sol Jr. and 5 years later, in 2010, she gave birth to her second child named Rafaella Jol.

4. Net Worth

A look at Louise’s thirty-year career in the film world showed how much she could be worth it. According to reliable sources, her net worth is estimated at about $5 million. It is not surprising that she has earned such a sum, considering the number of TV series and movies she has starred in, this amount is to be expected.

5. Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

The beautiful English actress was listed in 1994 by Peoples’ Magazine among the 50 most beautiful people in the world. And she still retains her beauty today. Louise stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches, weighs about 51 kg, and has a perfectly shaped body of 34-27-32 inches of chest, waist, and hips.