Lizzy Caplan Biography, Movies, TV Shows and Her Weight Loss Journey
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Lizzy Caplan is an American actress known primarily for her role in the film Mean Girls and the television series Masters of Sex. It is no secret that this American actress has worked hard to nail one role after another with the goal of building an impressive Hollywood resume, and so far we can say that she has succeeded. She carefully chooses the roles she takes on because her films are characteristic of the fact that it is fun to watch them. Here you will find everything you need to know about the star.

Lizzy Caplan: Biography

Elizabeth Anne Caplan was born on June 30, 1982, and grew up in a Reformed Jewish household in Los Angeles, California. Her father – Richard Caplan is a lawyer, while her mother – Barbara Caplan was a political aide but died of an unreported illness when Lizzy was only 13 years old. The star is the youngest child in the family with an older brother, Benjamin, and an older sister, Julie.

The actress attended Alexander Hamilton High School and enrolled in the school’s music academy. Her intention was to play the piano, but later she enrolled in acting classes. She was cast in many school plays and played soccer for the school team. After graduating in 2000, the young Lizzy Caplan decided to give up college and dedicate herself entirely to acting.

Lizzy Caplan Biography, Movies, TV Shows and Her Weight Loss Journey
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Career – Movies & TV Shows

She had already started acting before graduating with a supporting role in the TV series Freaks and Geeks (1999-2000). She also starred in other TV shows such as Smallville (2001), The Pitts (2003) as Faith Pitts, and in the ABC series Once and Again. Her first film on the big screen was From Where I Sit (2000), after which she was cast as Janis lan in the 2004 film Mean Girls. The film was a success that brought her great recognition and drove her career to new heights.

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In 2006, Lizzy Caplan was named one of Variety Magazine’s Top 10 Actors for her role in the thriller film Love is the Drug. The star of the girl Mean then got a role in the CBS sitcom The Class (2006), but the sitcom only lasted one season before it was canceled.

She later got the role of Marlena Diamond in the movie Cloverfield (2008), which earned her a nomination at the Saturn Awards for best-supporting actress. She also enhanced her filmography with appearances in My Best Friend’s Girl (2008), HBO’s True Blood, 127 Hours (2010), Save the Date (2012), Bachelorette (2012), and the Fox sitcom New Girl.

In 2013 Lizzy Caplan was cast in the Showtime series Masters of Sex, in which she played a pioneer of 1960s human sexuality named Virginia Johnson. She played the lead role opposite Michael Sheen, who played William H. Masters.

For Lizzy, it was the first time that she portrayed a real-life person on screen, and this gave her a sense of deep responsibility to the real Virginia Johnson. As it was her first serious dramatic role, she received nominations for an outstanding leading actress at the Primetime Emmy Awards, Satellite Award, and Critics’ Choice Television Awards. The series ran from 2013 to 2016.

Other films she has worked on include The Interview, The Night Before, and Now You See Me 2.

Lizzy Caplan Husband

Lizzy Caplan Biography, Movies, TV Shows and Her Weight Loss Journey
Image source

Lizzy was previously in a long-term relationship with the well-known actor Matthew Perry from 2006-2012.

In 2015 she began dating British actor Tom Riley, whom she met while working on a film in London. In February 2016 they made their relationship a “red carpet” by attending the Prague Opera Ball together and in May 2016 the two got engaged.

Their engagement lasted 16 months before they finally entered into a marriage in an intimate ceremony in Revello, Italy, on the Labor Day weekend in September 2017.

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Lizzy Caplan’s Weight Loss Journey & Height

It is easy to assume that Lizzy Caplan has undergone some kind of weight loss over the years thanks to the changes in her appearance; however, the only changes to her body are the natural changes that occur with age. The fact that the actress now wears more flattering clothes that favor her body contributes to this perception of having lost some weight.

The star of “Masters of Sex” hates sports, and in some of her roles she hardly ever completes a fitness routine due to her tight schedule. Instead, she concentrates on a healthy diet. In her effort to avoid meat, she eats more fish. She also takes vitamin supplements every day.

Lizzy Caplan’s height is recorded to be 5 feet and 4 inches (1.63m) and she weighs 120 lbs (54.5kg).

Although she does not like sports, she still needs to exercise to maintain her figure. Her preferred exercise routine is to work out twice a week in squats, lunges, deadlifts, hamstrings for the back legs, pectoral muscles, and wall sitting.