Leeanna Vamp Biography, Husband And Family Life Of The Movie Actress
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Leeanna Vamp is an all-rounder; she is an actress, model, and confessing vamp stress. She started out as a model before switching to acting and is now popular for her role as Mrs. Stevens in the horror movie Pool Party Massacre 2017. Leeanna has also designed and produced two web series, Star Wars Girls and Best Fiends Forever.

She has a YouTube channel where she publishes her series and her other spooky projects. The channel currently has over 25,000 subscribers and over 2.7 million viewers.

Leeanna Vamp Biography

She was born on January 26, 1981, in Temecula, California. Information about her parents has not been released, but she often mentions her mother’s name as Elvira. She attended Cal State University, where she earned a degree in Communications in 2010.

Leeanna Vamp Biography, Husband And Family Life Of The Movie Actress
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Vamp grew up with an interest in anything and everything to do with fantasy, horror, and sci-fi genres. She is also interested in fashion, and so you can always see her dressed in dark clothes with dark lipstick.

She started out as a model and appeared on the cover of several magazines before turning to act, which has always been her passion. Her most popular movie so far is Pool Party Massacre (2017), in which she appeared as Mrs. Stevens. She then starred in Con Man and in Best Fiends Forever (a web series she created and produced). She is also the creator and producer of the web series Star Wars Girls and also produced the Fright Night Show.

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Besides being an actress and producer, she also runs a YouTube channel where she publishes these series as well as her other spooky projects. Besides Youtube, Leeanna Vamp is also known on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Husband And Family Life Of The Movie Actress

Leeanna Vamp is married to her long-time friend Cameron Vamp. The couple has the same interests and appeared together in the movie Pool Party Massacre (Cameron played the pool guy), they share the same last name and have the same ankle tattoos.

Leeanna Vamp Biography, Husband And Family Life Of The Movie Actress
Image source

After being together for several years, the couple married in 2015 at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. The wedding had a dark, spooky setting, something very similar to what we know from horror movies. The couple was dressed in black, and so were the guests.

The wedding was presided over by horror icon Elvira (Cassandra Peterson), who refers to Leeanna as her mother, so you can imagine how spooky the ceremony was. The Mistress of Darkness, who in the more than three decades of her career has done anything but celebrate a wedding ceremony, gladly accepted the challenge. Leeanna said that commissioning Elvira with the wedding ceremony guaranteed “a damn fine wedding album”.

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Other Facts

Vamp calls herself ‘Ghoul of Your Dreams’ and says she is a nerd fan and always will be. Her fans call her the Goddess of Halloween because she will choose Halloween anytime, any day over Christmas.

She is a die-hard fan of the series “The Walking Dead and the Nightmare on Elm Street”. She is also a big Disney fan, and her favorite games at Disney Parks are The Haunted Mansion and Indiana Jones Adventure.

She has often been asked if she is a real vampire, and her answer is always “I need to know and you need to find out”. She probably is not, because what VAMP means to her is completely different from the conventional meaning we all know. For Leeanna Vamp, the word VAMP means a lot; it means a seductress, a woman who knows her power, who is seductive and enchanting, and she added: “I think it’s a style of its own, which is edgy, sexy, dark and glamorous… I AM A VAMP!

Vamp definitely wants to act more. In an interview with horrornewsnetwork.net, the actress said she would like to play a female serial killer in a horror movie and have her own sound effect. So watch out, guys, you might see the vamp stress in the next hit horror movie only as a female serial killer.