Koksal Baba Wiki, Family Life And Other Facts You Need To Know
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People become famous because they do so many things. While some became famous as superstars in sports, politics, and I don’t know what else, others became stars through their activities on the internet; Koksal Baba belongs to this class of celebrities. He became a public figure after a video in which he appeared became known in 2015.

As seen in the video, the small Baba fought in the street against a man twice his size. Shortly after the video was distributed online, it became a mass medium, earning him more than six million hits and a huge fan base on his social media platforms.

The incident, which can best be described as the most unlikely viral video in the world, was a stepping stone for Baba to achieve celebrity status. Currently, Koksal has his personal YouTube channel called Koksal Baba. He has over 600 subscribers and shows videos about his life in Turkey, from where the superstar controls his online career.

Koksal Baba Wiki, Family Life And Other Facts You Need To Know
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Koksal Baba Bio (Age)

The little man was born on February 10 and in 1975. His birthplace was in Trabzon, a town on the coast of northern Turkey. Baba’s star sign is Aquarius, his real name is Köksal Bektasoglu.

According to what we have learned, Baba is a retired boxer. The man claims that his career lasted almost twenty years, after which he officially retired in 2010. The YouTube star often boasts of having won the Turkish Junior Boxing Championship for three years.

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While details of Baba’s family life and background are hard to come by, we can say that the internet sensation was nicknamed Köksal Baba after he became a bully.

As you can hear, he is known for attacking anyone who stands in his way or messes with him. Although Baba admits that he is a tyrant, he tries as hard as possible to live his life like every other man out there. He is very popular in his city and has received numerous offers to appear in movies and television shows. But he refuses their requests again and again because in his opinion he does not want his videos to “lose their naturalism”. On Koksal’s YouTube channel you can mainly see videos in which he hangs out with his friends and has good moments with them.

His Family Life

After a desperate search, we could not get information about Baba’s marital status. This makes it absolutely difficult to tell if he is still single or married and if he has children of his own or not. However, considering his age, it will not be surprised when we finally find out that he is married and has children.

For those who have shown an interest in learning about his love life, it is not known whether Coksal has gone out with any woman in the past, as he has not had a love affair with anyone. From what we have seen so far, YouTubers seem to be very focused on his career.

Koksal Baba Wiki, Family Life And Other Facts You Need To Know
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Other Facts You Need To Know 

1. The little guy is two meters tall

2. What basically pushes Baba’s videos into the foreground is his petite stature, which is parallel to his “no-nonsense” attitude.

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3. The Internet personality’s closest friend is named Süleyman Köse, who is also his video man. The two became friends after a fistfight when they met for the first time. After the incident, the two became playmates and documented their adventures together.

4. Baba has a child-sized car that drives him around the city.

5. His friend Kose has a café where the YouTube star usually lingers for tea. The café is located in Trabzon.

6. Baba owes his friend his rise to prominence. It is said that before his fame, Kose drew people’s attention to Koksal Baba, especially on Facebook.

7. The YouTube star was once mentioned in an episode of the podcast on American humor and politics, Chapo Trap House.

8. During his 41st birthday party, the YouTube sensation and his friend raised money for various charities.

9. Köksal Baba shares the same birthplace with Mahir Cagri, who was also famous on the Internet.