Kimberly Fey Biography, Wiki, Relationship With Donnie Wahlberg, Divorce
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Kimberly Fey, a well-known celebrity, is better known for her marriage to Donnie Wahlberg. Kimberly Fey is known for her widespread media drama in the divorce from her former husband Donnie Wahlberg and is not associated with Tina Fey or any other known person of the same surname.

Kimberly is a recording engineer by profession and used to sing and has worked with some famous names like Funky Bunch and Marky Mark.

Kimberly Fey Biography/Wiki

Kim was born in 1969, but her actual date of birth is not known. She started her career as an engineer in the music industry and met Donnie Wahlberg at the age of 22 when she worked with Marky Mark. As a successful sound engineer before she met him, she retired somewhat after her divorce and there is no evidence that she worked after the marriage.

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After the drama of the whole divorce debacle, her life has disappeared from the spotlight and there is almost nothing new about her in the news.

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Kimberly Fey Relationship With Donnie Wahlberg,

Kimberly Fey and Donnie Wahlberg got married in 1999 after dating for a while and have two children. After giving birth to their first son in 1993 – six years before their marriage – they gave birth to a second son in 2001, two years after their marriage. Kim’s first son, Xavier Alexander Wahlberg, was born on 4 March 1993. Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg, their second son, was born on 20 August 2001.

Kimberly Fey Biography, Wiki, Relationship With Donnie Wahlberg, Divorce
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Kimberly Fey Divorce

After irreconcilable differences, Kimberly Fey started divorce proceedings in 2008. In 2010 the couple separated and the marriage ended after 9 years spent together. Although the reason for the divorce is cited as irreconcilable differences, rumors have it that the real reason was Michelle Tomlinson, a Canadian model who is believed to have been in a secret relationship with Donnie Wahlberg.

However, it remains only a rumor, as neither Donnie nor Kimberly came to the media to support or deny it. Kim once mentioned that one of the things that really upset her during her marriage was Donnie’s obsession. She said it drove her crazy. Although she never said that he had extramarital affairs, she allegedly confided in friends about it and told them how he would leave her to be with his mistress, supposedly Michelle Tomlinson.

During the divorce proceedings, Kim applied for sole custody of the children with visitation rights for her husband. She also applied for spousal support and a lawyer’s fee from Donnie. There is no news as to whether she has received all of these demands, but rumors also say that she got everything she asked for in court and both agreed to keep everything out of the public eye.

Life After Divorce

Since the divorce, Kim has stayed away from the media. At present, it is not known whether she is single or married or even dating anyone. During and after the marriage it is not known if Donnie really had a secret affair with Michelle Tomlinson, but he was never seen with her on a date.

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Their sons have all grown up by now, and rumors also say that Donnie Wahlberg and Kimberly Fey are now close friends, even though they have not been seen together in public. Nobody knows why Kim is still single. When she was asked why, or if she was waiting for the right man, she just shrugged her shoulders and left without giving an answer.

Kimberly Fey is not a social media person, but as far as the media knows, she is still single. She never gave interviews about the separation, during the divorce or since. Therefore, it is assumed that the divorce went smoothly.

Recently there have been reports about Donnie Wahlberg, who wants to get in touch with his girlfriend, actress, and comedian Jenny McCarthy, for the second time for about a year. After announcing their engagement earlier, they tied the knot on August 31st.