Killian Scott Biography, Married, Wife, Family, Facts
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One thing Killian Scott is good at is drawing the most attention to his career and avoiding scandals and controversy as much as possible. He has played remarkable roles in more than ten television series and eight films, which have received much praise, but those that stand out are his roles in Love/Hate (2010-2014), ’71 (2014), Calvary (2014), and Damnation (2017).

Killian Scott is of Irish descent and grew up sharing a name with a popular Irish actor, which led to the later adoption of his current nickname. Discover his birth name and more facts about the Irish actor below.

Killian Scott – Biography

Although his birth took place on July 6, 1985, in Kilmallock, Limerick, Ireland, Killian Scot moved with his family to Sandymount, Dublin when he was very young. His childhood memories and early upbringing can be traced back to Dublin, where he grew up with his older siblings – Eoghan Murphy, a prominent politician of the Irish party Fine Gael and Colin Murphy, a successful playwright. The names of his parents are not yet known to the actor.

Killian Scott – Biography, Married, Wife, Family, Facts
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Killian was named Cillian Murphy after his parents accepted him into the family, but when he was ready to step into the limelight, he changed his name to Killian Scott. This was done in an effort to distinguish himself from the established Irish actor who bears the same name (Cillian Murphy – born May 25, 1976, in Douglas, Cork, Ireland).

After completing his early education in institutions that are not publicly known, Killian went on to University College Dublin, where he studied and graduated in English and Philosophy. Since he was sure of his career path, he continued his studies at the Drama Centre in London.

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Family – Is Killian Scott Married, Who Is His Wife?

Apparently, the Irish boy is still solo in his love life. He has attracted the attention of his fans, especially the ladies, who are always curious to know every detail of his love life, and most of them will be happy to know that the Damnation star is not taken. However, before you entertain the idea of a possible hookup, you should know that Killian Scott has made it clear that he does not have time for a relationship yet. Obviously, at this point in his life, his focus is on building a lasting career as an actor rather than investing time in nurturing a relationship.

Career Timeline

He debuted in 2007 in Creatures of Knowledge and played Matt. His next acting project was in Christian Blake, where he played Guard 2. In 2009 he appeared as Lukas in The Rise of the Bricks and also contributed to the script of the film. In 2010 he made his television debut as Tammy Daly in Love/Hate, where he appeared in 24 episodes of the series RTÉ One. In the same year he played a short role in Single-Handed and the following year he was cast in the lead role in Jack Taylor, where he played the hen in Cody Farraher from 2011-2013. Another notable leading role that Killian Scott has played on television is that of Seth Davenport in Damnation (2017-2018). While building his career on television, Killian Scott continued to star in films such as The Rafters, Good Vibrations, Black Ice – all 2013; Calvary, ’71, Get Up and Go – 2014; Traders (2015); Trespass Against Us (2016) and The Commuter (2018).

Killian Scott – Biography, Married, Wife, Family, Facts
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More Facts About Killian Scott

1. He seems to have the bad luck to find this true love in an interview. He said his love life has been a great catastrophe.

2. He may have been an actor before 2007 but was first recognized for his role in a feature film when he played the role of Matt in the Irish drama Creatures of Knowledge.

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3. So far, Killian Scott has compiled a collection of thirteen films and eight television shows that are a credit to him. No doubt he will add more credits to his name as an actor as he is still young and active.

4. When a career is successful, it is expected to be profitable, and that’s exactly what Killian does in his career as an entertainer. However, the exact figures of his net worth have not been verified, although several sources suggest that it is in the millions.