Kevin Dunn WWE Bio, Wiki, Teeth, Net Worth, Family, Quick Facts
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Kevin Dunn is an American director and executive producer currently serving on the WWE Board of Directors. He has been an integral part of WWE for over 20 years and his roots in the television industry can be traced back to his early childhood.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Dunn got to know the sports television business. He was later hired full-time by Vince McMahon, Jr. in 1984, shortly after graduating from Towson State University, and then served as Associate Producer for all domestic WWE programs from 1984-1987.

Kevin Dunn Bio

Kevin Dunn was born in 1962. It is not exactly known on which date or in which month he was born, as he managed to stay out of the spotlight, which does not reveal much about himself and the beginnings of his life.

At the moment we only know that he has a formal education at Towson State University.

Kevin Dunn WWE – Bio, Wiki, Teeth, Net Worth, Family, Quick Facts
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Dunn began his career at WWE in 1984, initially as an associate producer. He was later promoted to become one of the executive producers for the entire WWE, where he filled the program space in 1993, both at home and abroad. The very same year the company’s flagship show, Monday Night Raw, premiered.

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With his exposure to the media, Dunn is considered one who has had the rare opportunity to bring his directing and production talents to some of the most significant television shows in the history of wrestling. He was part of the team that turned the widely accepted concept now known as WrestleMania into reality, as well as a line producer at several other groundbreaking live events in the history of television entertainment.

At that time, up to 93,000 fans watched WrestleMania III, while thousands more joined in via pay-per-view. With his knowledge of the latest in television technology and the proper management of his team, Dunn created an environment that allowed him to produce five hours of the original weekly prime time programming, exactly 52 weeks a year without reruns.

Currently, WrestleMania produces shows such as Monday Night RAW, Friday Night SmackDown, and ECW: Extreme Championship Wrestling, which is widely considered a success and is broadcast in more than 145 countries and interpreted into 28 languages.

Dunn did not limit his career successes to the WWE arena. Working on projects such as the Slammy Awards, a product of MTV Network, brought his talents to the mainstream media.

Dunn has not only taken on many management tasks but also remains a project manager both in the studio and on location. His years of loyalty to the company have elevated him to the board of directors.

Kevin Dunn’s Teeth

Obviously, fans and professional wrestlers have given Dunn a kick in the teeth and it never gets old. Some wonder why, with all the millions he earns, he wouldn’t get his teeth fixed to look more beautiful and shiny. Not only are his teeth in disarray, but the color is not as nice to look at, but that seems to be the least of his problems right now.

Kevin Dunn WWE – Bio, Wiki, Teeth, Net Worth, Family, Quick Facts
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Net Worth

Apparently, Kevin Dunn is one of the WWE executives who make tons of money with the company. In 2015, he made a total of $4.7 million, including an incentive bonus.

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However, his achievements in working with WWE are listed below:

  • Annual salary and compensation is $902,897;
  • Restricted Stock Awards is well over $3,106,366;
  • All Other Compensation – $10,272
  • Total Annual Cash Compensation – $1,531,286
  • Total Short-Term Compensation – $902,897
  • Other Long-Term Compensation – $3,116,638
  • Total Calculated Compensation – $4,637,652

There is currently no concrete report on its exact net worth, but what we do know for sure is that Dunn is worth more than a few million.


Dunn grew up in a media-loving family. His father Dennis Dunn worked for Vince McMahon, Sr. as Executive Producer of Intermedia Productions, a program producer and syndicator. From 1972, he was in charge of the entire WWE production. Kevin Dunn has no other family member known to the public.

Quick Facts about Kevin Dunn

Dunn has been on the WWE Board of Directors since 2008 and is responsible for the management of 538 WrestleMania TV productions (episodes, series) from 1984 to the present.

Dunn is also called the most hated man, which is to the detriment of WWE.

Over the years, he seems to hide from the limelight, despite his leading position, which the media-exposed company holds. Surprisingly, as the fourth top executive, there are no professional pictures of Dunn on the Internet, not even on the WWE corporate website.

The feud between Dunn and Triple H is as old as time.

He is considered the right hand of Vince McMohan, the CEO of WWE.

Dunn usually lurks in the background and rarely appears on the screen in short bursts.