Josh Henderson Age, Eyes, Dating, Girlfriend, Gay, Kids, Wife, Net Worth
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Josh Henderson is a lady’s man known for winning the hearts of several women with his stunning looks, sexy figure, and lovable personality, and he is the ultimate American hero. He is a multitalented actor, model, and singer.

As a student at Tulsa Memorial High, he was interested in sports and played both baseball and basketball. He currently plays for the Hollywood Knights Celebrity Basketball Team.

Josh Henderson Bio, Age, Eyes

Joshua Baret Henderson was born on October 25, 1981, in Dallas, Texas, the son of Sharon Lea Henderson. He grew up with his mother and his two younger sisters Hannah and Chelsea Henderson in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he attended Tulsa Memorial High School. He has an abnormal pair of eyes, his left eye is green and his right eye is blue. This abnormal eye defect or condition is called heterochromia.

After graduating from Tulsa Memorial High School in 2000, Josh gained some popularity through his participation in the “Popstars” Season 2 singing competition/TV show and was one of six winners selected for the pop group Scene 23.

Josh Henderson Age, Eyes, Dating, Girlfriend, Gay, Kids, Wife, Net Worth
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Josh Henderson’s Singing/Acting Career

His voice was then compared with that of the American pop star Justin Timberlake. However, the fortunes of his pop group Scene 23 took an unexpected turn when the record label they were signed to went bankrupt and could not afford to release the album they had recorded. This incident practically ended his already budding career as a singer and spurred him on to acting and modeling, where he was quite good at it.

Josh Henderson has several television show appearances and film lectures in his name. He began his acting career with appearances on television shows/sitcoms such as “Maybe It’s Me” (2002), “Do-Over” (2002), “One on One” (2002-2003), “Newton” and “She Spies” (both 2003).

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Josh is best known for his role as the main character John Ross Ewing III in the TNT television series “Dallas”, which aired from 2012-2014. Dallas is actually the revival of a soap opera, also called Dallas, which was aired from 1978-1991.

Other television shows Josh has appeared in include “The Ashlee Simpson Show” (2004), “North Shore” (2004), “8 Simple Rules… for Dating My Teenage Daughter” (2004), “Desperate Housewives” (2006-2007), “90210” (2008-2009), “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (2009), and most recently, he played the role of Kyle West in Season 1 of the American drama series “The Arrangement” (Season 2 Episode 1 is aired on E!). to be broadcast in 2018).

Josh Henderson received his first film license in the 2003 direct-to-video horror movie “Leeches” in which he starred as Jason. He then played the role of Pep Rally Jock in “The Girl Next Door” (2004), Nick De Pietro in “Yours, Mine and Ours” (2005), Brett Dolan in the dance film “Step Up” (2006) and Boyd in “Swelter” (2014).

Josh Henderson’s Girlfriend, Wife, Gay, Kids?

Josh Henderson is notorious for engaging in fleeting relationships with beautiful ladies. He has reportedly had affairs with a total of 11 women, including actresses, models, fashion designers, singers, TV personalities, and celebrities.

Josh Henderson Age, Eyes, Dating, Girlfriend, Gay, Kids, Wife, Net Worth
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Most recently he had a relationship with Andrea Boehlke (2014-2016), other women who have crossed his path include Ashlee Simpson (2002-2003), Kristen Storms (2004-2005), Lawren Pope (2005), Ashley Greene (2006), Kendal Sheppard (2006-2007), Paris Hilton (2007), Brittany Snow (2007-2008), Taylor Cole (2008-2009), Izabel Goulart (2009) and the Barbadian pop star Rihanna (2009).

Despite all these women in his life, Josh Henderson has never been married and has no children. His long list of failed relationships and flings has raised some eyebrows and led to rumors that he may simply be gay. However, since he has neither confirmed nor denied these allegations, we believe that he is heterosexual.

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Josh Henderson’s Net worth

The net worth of Josh Henderson is estimated at about 2.5 million USD, which he brings from a quite successful acting career. He was reportedly paid $50,000 per episode on the TNT television series Dallas.

He also owns a restaurant in Beverly Hills called The Flats Restaurant.

Josh Henderson on Social Media

Josh Henderson is a moderately active social media user, he’s available on Instagram as @joshhenderson and has over 143 thousand followers. He seems to be a God-lover as he has God written all over his profile description and has since posted over 778 videos and pictures. His posts are usually about his personal life, work-related activities and he sometimes likes to use his network to help various causes.

Henderson is also available on Twitter using the same handle as on his Instagram handle. He’s more active on Twitter with well over ten thousand tweets.