Jordan Lane Price Boyfriend, Married, Net worth, Dating Macaulay Culkin?
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Jordan Lane Price is known as Celia Fitzgerald in the drama series All My Children (2013), among others. Price is an American actress, a singer, and also a model. Apart from her role in All My Children, she is also admired as Jessica in the 2015 comedy directed by Andrew Nackman – 4th Man Out and for her portrayal of Marywald in a 2014 drama directed by Helen Hunt – Ride.

Lane Price has always been hopeful and confident about the future and success on the path she has chosen for her career. An example of this was her collaboration with Huckapoo – a teen pop girls group founded by Brian Lukow in 2003. The price was 15 years old as a member of the group. Critics said that the group was doomed to failure. In response, she said, “We’re in too deep to be able to say, ‘Oh no, we’re not gonna make it’.”

Even though Huckapoo couldn’t release a debut album, they invented music that was featured in Disney movies before the group’s demise in 2008.

Jordan Lane Price Boyfriend, Married, Net worth, Dating Macaulay Culkin?
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For all we know, Price started out as a singer. When she was only eight years old, she was already actively involved in music theatre. This eventually led her to participate in various music projects and professional theatre activities. Later she studied philosophy at college and fell in love with acting.

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Jordan Lane Price Age, Bio

Jordan Lane Price will celebrate her 26th birthday in 2018. She was born on March 13, 1992, in Los Angeles, California.

Regardless of the attention, Jordan Price has received through her television and film roles, she has received much love and was highly acclaimed for her extended debut piece – Sponge – which was released in June 2015. She has teamed up with songwriter James Levy to release her debut.

Jordan Lane Price Boyfriend, Married

Jordan Lane is not married to anyone, but she is romantically involved with Macaulay Culkin, the home-alone actor. Recently there has been speculation that Price has something special with James Levy. In an interview with Noisey, in which she and James talked about their extensive theater debut, Price admitted the special feeling she has for James.

She was asked to tell the story of how she and James came together. As such, she said that she received James’ number from a mutual friend who believes James is a good musical fit for her.

“We had planned to meet one day and it ended up that he never sent me a text back. Two evenings later I went to a bar I’d never been to before to meet a friend – I showed up early and there was no one in the bar except Levy and Jon Wiley. We both looked at each other funny, and I said, “You’re the kind of guy who never writes me back”.

“Fast forward a month and we got matching tattoos in St. Mark’s Square, representing our chance friendship, the art we did together, and the beauty of that May. It was a beautiful experience to record and interpret songs written by the person you are falling in love with,” she describes.

Jordan Lane Price Boyfriend, Married, Net worth, Dating Macaulay Culkin?
Image source

Is He Dating Macaulay Culkin?

It’s generally believed that Jordan Lane Price is still dating Macaulay Culkin. To the best of our knowledge, this is not true. However, Culkin did meet the All My Children actress after he broke up with another actress who bears a strong resemblance to Jordan Lane. Culkin and Price were seen together on several occasions. Although they never announced that they were no longer in love, they fell apart.

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This was confirmed when it was circulated that Culkin was dating Brenda Song. Culkin and Song reportedly attended the celebrity night at Instagram’s Knott’s Scary Farm together and were seen holding hands and being affectionate.

Jordan Lane Price Net Worth

Like other actresses, Jordan Lane Price’s fans have always wanted to know the value of her riches. As a result, they estimated her net worth without enough information to be sure it was correct. It is generally assumed that Price’s net worth is $2 million. Unfortunately, we have yet to prove this. The value of everything Price owns is what she knows best.