Jeremy Lin Wiki, Injury Stats, Net Worth, Salary, Girlfriend Or Wife, Height
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Jeremy Lin, the first American Taiwanese to play in the NBA, became very popular in 2012 when he played so talented in his team’s winning match against the Maverick that he was nicknamed “Linsanity”.

The player, who has played in the NBA league in 8 seasons so far, is also a top-class player who has signed various contracts with several teams in the NBA. Learn all about his biography, injury statistics, relationships, and net worth when you read on.

Jeremy Lin Bio

The NBA player was born on August 23, 1988, as the son of Taiwanese-American parents who are said to have emigrated to the USA in the 1970s. His father is Lin Gie Ming, while his mother is Shirley Lin, and they have two other sons named Joseph, a former Fubon Braves player, and Josh, a dentist.

Jeremy Lin Wiki, Injury Stats, Net Worth, Salary, Girlfriend Or Wife, Height
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Lin attended Palo Alto High School, where he was an active member of his school’s basketball team and was even named team captain in his senior year, and was named North California Player of the Year. However, although he had a successful high school career, he could not get a scholarship as an athlete, which eventually brought him to Harvard University, where he played in the Ivy League and was named All-Conference Player in the League three times.

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His Professional Career

Entering the NBA was not easy for Jeremy, as he went into the NBA after college in 2010 without being called up. Later that year, he signed a two-year contract with the Golden State Warriors, but it was not fully guaranteed. It is said that he made his debut for the team at the Warriors’ Asian Heritage Night, but did not appear in many games during his time with the franchise. He participated in 29 games, averaging 9.8 minutes each, in which he played no starts for the team.

It was during Jeremy’s time with the New York Knicks from 2011 to 2012 that the Asian-American NBA star became the man of the game when he led the Knicks to a surprise victory and his popular name “Linsanity” was born. However, he didn’t stay with the Knicks for long when he moved to the Houston Rockets, a stint that was to last three seasons but only covered two – from 2012 to 2014. The next season Jeremy Lin played for the Los Angeles Lakers for a year after moving to the franchise. The following year, he was signed by Charlotte Hornets as a replacement point guarantor for Kemba Walker.

Jeremy Lin also played for the Brooklyn Nets from 2016 to 2018, but compared to his previous years, after he was titled “Linsanity”, the player did not show an impressive performance, mainly due to the fact that he suffered some injuries during this time. In July 2018 Lin was transferred to the Atlanta Hawks and is currently playing for the Atlanta Hawks.

Jeremy Lin Injury Stats

Jeremy Lin Wiki, Injury Stats, Net Worth, Salary, Girlfriend Or Wife, Height
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Jeremy Lin is no stranger to injury during his career as a baller, having had several incidents during his matches. In November 2016, when he was still playing for the Brooklyn Nets, he injured his left hamstring so he couldn’t play until next month. However, in January of the following year, the injury worsened and he had to take a break from playing again.

Later in 2017, Lin suffered another injury in the match between the Nets and the Indiana Pacers, injuring his right knee so that he could not play in any other game until the end of the season. He is said to have received full-time therapy, and when asked about his recovery, the player was quite confident that the injury would in no way stop his career. He told the media that he would recover perfectly.

Jeremy Lin’s Salary, Net Worth

Jeremy Lin does not do badly when it comes to his net worth, as it is fixed at around $20 million. His annual salary is approximately $14 million, which is a step up from his initial earnings at the Golden State Warriors in 2011, which were $473,000. When he joined the New York Knicks, he received $800,000, and with subsequent teams, his salary increased to its current level.

It is also known that he had sponsorship contracts with Nike, Adidas, Steiner Sports, and Volvo, which contributed to his current net worth.

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The NBA player has a listed height of 1.91 m (6 ft 3) and a weight of 91 kg. 200 lb. Both his height and weight are responsible for most of his impressive performances at court.

His Relationship Status: Wife Or Girlfriend?

At the moment Linsanity is neither a married man nor is there a rumor that he is with someone. However, the NBA player has already announced in 2012 that in case of marriage he would marry a pious lady from Christain, who furthermore likes to help people, is a funny person, and should not be extravagant. Although it’s been several years since he listed these qualities, the prominent player has never picked anyone up. Maybe he is still waiting for his perfect game.