Jake Arrieta Biography, Stats, Contract, Wife, Age, Salary and Other Facts
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Jake Arrieta is a professional baseball player who has made a name for himself as a pitcher in Major League Baseball (MBL), where he plays for the Philadelphia Phillies. The world champion has risen through the ranks since he made his MLB debut for the Baltimore Orioles in 2010 and then played for the Chicago Cubs before finally choosing the Phillies. Learn all about him here.

Jake Arrieta Biography and Age

The Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher was born on March 6, 1986, in Farmington, Missouri, as Jacob Joseph Arrieta. Nevertheless, he was raised in Texas with two younger brothers by his parents, who were teenagers at birth.

Since he was a small child, Jake has focused not only on sports but also on baseball. In fact, his father, Lou Arrieta, revealed that his son’s first word was a ball. In the following years of his childhood, it was Lou who coached his son and laid the foundation for him to make it to the league.

Jake Arrieta Biography, Stats, Contract, Wife, Age, Salary and Other Facts
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For his education, Jake went to Plano East Senior High School, and when he finished, he transferred to Weatherford Junior College, where he spent a year before transferring to Texas Christian University (TCU). Surprisingly, the switch came after he did the MLB draft of 2005 when he was selected by the Milwaukee Brewers. If that’s not surprising enough, he also did the 2004 draft, but he chose college over the Cincinnati Reds who selected him.

Jake Arrieta was able to make the drafts after his high school achievements and his performance at Weatherford Junior College in his freshman year.

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Career and Stats

The next time he was wanted by a Major League team was in 2007 when he made the draft and was selected by the Baltimore Orioles in the fifth round. He played in the Minor League until 2010 when he made his MLB debut for the Orioles in a game against the New York Yankees.

Prior to that, he played for the United States in the 2006 University World Championship and helped the team win the gold medal. He also played with the US team at the 2008 Olympics and won the bronze medal.

Jake Arrieta remained with the Baltimore Orioles from 2010 to 2013 when he was traded for Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger at the Chicago Cubs. He remained with the team from 2013 to 2017, where he won the World Series and the Silver Slugger Award and became part of the All-Star Team in 2016. Prior to that, he received the NL Cy Young Award in 2015, among others.

After putting on a great show with the Cubs, Arrieta moved to Philadelphia Phillies, after having made a deal with the team to keep him there for at least 3 years.

Looking at his career statistics in the Major League, he has spent 9 years so far. By the time he played 209 games, he had already recorded 203 games that he had started and 6 complete games. Even more, Jake Arrieta made 1230.2 innings, 1014 goals, 532 runs, 484 earned runs, and 113 home runs. In addition, he has recorded 425 walks, 1118 strikeouts, 93 wins, and 60 losses. He also averages 0.223 shots from his opponent, while the average of his earned runs is 3.54.

Jake Arrieta Wife

With many inspiring stories, his love life is no less interesting. Jake Arrieta has had no other dates apart from the story he has with his wife, Brittany Arrieta. The two met as elementary school kids in Texas, where they both grew up. They started dating in junior high school.

Jake Arrieta Biography, Stats, Contract, Wife, Age, Salary and Other Facts
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After completing their early education they both went to the Christian University of Texas. The MLB star and Brittany Arrieta, the gymnast, got engaged in 2007 and the following year they were husband and wife.

Years later, not only are Jake and Brittany very close but their union is blessed with two children named Cooper and Palmer.

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Contract and Salary

In March 2018, Jake signed a three-year contract that would keep him with the Phillies for three years. The value of the agreement was estimated at $75 million. Under the terms of the agreement, he will earn $30 million in his first year, and $25 million and $20 million in the second and third years, respectively. There is also an option to extend the agreement, which would earn him a total of $135 million.

Of course, his salary will be increased based on his performance and other bonuses. The salary is a significant increase over the $10.7 million he received in 2016.

Other Facts

  • His parents were 18 and 19 years old when they had him. Because of their very young age, they went through a lot when they raised him.
  • Jake made 3 Major League Baseball drafts in 2004, 2005, and 2007 before deciding to continue.
  • He is of Puerto Rican descent.
  • Arrieta is a workout enthusiast with a bodyweight of 102 kg and a height of 1.93 m.