Jade Chynoweth Bio, Age, Height, Is She Dating Anyone? Who Is The Boyfriend
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Jade Chynoweth was already considered a dance prodigy when she was a little girl and has become so much more in the meantime. Apart from being a professional dancer with a successful YouTube channel, she has starred in some of Hollywood’s biggest movies, including 300, including Superman vs. A madwoman who wants to compete with the best dancers in the world, Jade has dedicated her life to perfecting her art.

Jade Chynoweth Bio And Age 

Jade Chynoweth was born on August 21, 1998, in Park City, Utah, in the United States of America. She is a popular actress and dancer. Jade grew up in a very funny and loving home, with lots of entertainment all around. Her environment was dominated by dance, as her mother taught dance while her aunt had a dance studio. At the age of two, Jade began to learn the art of dancing by attending dance classes. She also accompanied her mother to see other young dancers like her in various dance studios.

Although she was still very young when she started dancing, she was trained by her mother under disciplined conditions. Jade was always a natural talent, so most of the training did not feel like work, as she was able to learn a variety of dance styles quickly and with ease. By the age of six, she was already an exceptional dancer.

Professional Life and Career 

Jade Chynoweth Bio, Age, Height, Is She Dating Anyone? Who Is The Boyfriend
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Jade’s career began when she joined the dance club “E-Kidz” at the age of only nine years. As a result of her performance, she got a gig at Microsoft Surface Commercial. For the 2011-2011 season of “The Pulse on Tour”, Jade was selected as an elite protégé.

She also danced on the promotional videos Shadows and immaBEAST, as well as on a number of music videos. The following year (2012) she was among the dancers selected to perform at the Kid’s Choice Awards, where fans and critics praised her for the massive improvement and maturity of her dance style. Competitions are also a must for her, so she is always looking forward to the next competition. This has led her to compete with another really famous dancer, “Larsen Thompson”.

She graduated from high school in 2016 and is currently part of the “ImmaBeast” dance group.

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Movies And Youtube Channel

After dominating her peers in dance, Jade showed that she had more to offer to the world of show business in the cast of the Hollywood blockbuster 300: Rise Of An Empire in 2014, where she played the role of young Artemisia. She then played the lead role of Carmen in the DC superhero movie Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, played Odalie Allenon in the YouTube-hosted series Step Up: High Water, and also had a recurring role as Kathleen Nolan in The Last Ship, the TNT television series.

On her Youtube channel, which she called “untilitsnotfun”, more than 44,000 people have subscribed to the channel, where they can easily get updates on the latest dance videos in which she is starring.

Jade Chynoweth Bio, Age, Height, Is She Dating Anyone? Who Is The Boyfriend
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Jade Chynoweth Height And Weight

Jade has been a gorgeous girl since childhood, but now she has developed into an even more gorgeous woman. Because of her youth, she still has a killer figure that would make most men drool and women jealous. Speaking of height: She is on average 1.20 m tall and has a bodyweight of 51 kg.

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Is She Dating Anyone And Who Is The Boyfriend?

She is young, lively, and sexy. She’s basically torn apart every dance stage she’s ever performed on. Jade also has a good fan base in social media (43,000 followers on Twitter, 103,000 followers on Facebook, and 1.5 million followers on Instagram). However, her fans and admirers are eager to find out who Jade is with. To distract you from your misery, Jade is as single as the word. According to her, she hasn’t met the right man yet, which is why she is concentrating on her dance career.

Nevertheless, she promises that her fans will be the first to know when she dates her. Well, hey, guys, this could be an opportunity to woo her, you never know. she might just fall in love with you. Good luck!