Is Candice Patton Married, Who is The Boyfriend or Husband, Parents, Net Worth?
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The Arrowverse – the group of CW television shows about DC comic book characters – boasts a host of interesting and strong female characters who has become fan favorites and elevated the careers of the women who play them. One of these characters is Iris West of The Flash, played by Candice Patton, an American actress. Although Candice has limited filmography, she has achieved international fame for her outstanding role in The Flash.

More information about Candice Patton, including her career, assets, and relationship status, can be found below.

Who Is Candice Patton?

The Flash star, Candice Patton, was born on June 24, 1988. She acquired her formal acting education by attending Southern Methodist University in Dallas and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Theater Studies (BFA) in 2007. Candice, who says it has always been her dream to become an actress, could attribute her passion for the arts to her mother Arianna Jackson, who was a theater actress and opera singer.

Is Candice Patton Married, Who is The Boyfriend or Husband, Parents, Net Worth?
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Candice, the second of two children of Arianna Jackson and Paul Patton, spent her entire childhood in Plano, Texas, although she was born in Jackson, Mississippi. For her high school education, she attended St. Paul’s School in Plano.

Candice Patton’s acting career began entirely in 2004, although she had a few performances in 2002.

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Candice Patton Career

Candice Patton’s role in The Flash has been her most prominent role to date, but before she made the career-defining appearance, she appeared in several other shows and films.

The young actress made her first appearance on screen in The Young and the Restless, a role she was given after winning a CBS acting competition in her first year of study. In the series, she played the role of Robin and appeared in 5 episodes. Later she starred in a web series, Sorority Forever, in which she played Mercedes Muna. Candice Patton has taken roles in several other series including One Tree Hill, Entourage, Castle, Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, and CSI: Miami.

She made her first feature film appearance in 2011 in the television movie The Craigslist Killer. The following year, she played Dana in Commander and Chief, before taking on the role of Sgt. Hallway in The Guest in 2014.

Her only theater appearance to date was in 2002, when she appeared at the Collins Theatre Center in Plano, Texas, in a production of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus.

Is Candice Patton Married, Who is The Boyfriend or Husband, Parents, Net Worth?
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When Candice Patton was cast as Iris West for The Flash, she faced some controversy because she was an African American who played an iconic figure who was historically white. In the meantime, however, the controversy has resolved and she has established herself as one of the leading women in popular television.

Over the course of her career to date, Candice Patton has been nominated for eight awards and won only one of them, all for her work on The Flash. Candice Patton won the 2017 Saturn Awards as the best-supporting actress on television.

Candice Patton Net Worth

Although she officially began acting in 2004, her acting career did not really take off until 2014, when she was cast in The Flash. Her appearance on the show, the popularity of the show, and her growing fan base have raised her popularity profile and made her valuable for endorsements and high-profile commercials. Candice Patton’s net worth currently stands at $2 million.

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Patton’s parents are Paul Patton and Arianna Jackson. Paul Patton was an engineer and musician, which may have attracted Arianna Jackson, a theater and opera singer. After several years in their marriage, more precisely when Candice Patton was five years old, they developed some problems in their marriage and divorced. However, it was not a bitter divorce, and the actress still had to spend a lot of time with her father when she grew up.

Although her parents divorced and she was raised by her mother, both parents always supported her interest in acting.

Is She Married? Boyfriend, Husband, 

Candice Patton is currently single. Although her popularity profile has increased and she is one of the most beautiful women on television, the actress has been able to keep her private life private. There are no dating rumors about the actress. It seems that the TV star is currently enjoying the single life.