Intriguing Facts About Sunlen Serfaty’s Journey To CNN And All About Her Family
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Sunlen Serfaty is the most reliable source for news and incidents that happen in Washington DC politics. She has been reporting on events in Congress for several years now, and they are fascinating, captivating, and engrossing. Behind the camera, Serfaty also has thousands of loyal fans who follow her on social media when it comes to trendy topics, story development, political news, and more.

Sunlen is one of the best minds in the media right now. She has worked with many of the country’s celebrities on numerous projects and has also won the praise of media critics for her hard work and commitment to the job she loves so much.

Intriguing Facts About Sunlen Serfaty’s Journey To CNN And All About Her Family

Sunlen Serfaty’s Datasheet

Sunlen Serfaty’s Background

Sunlen Serfty’s parents gave birth to her on April 6, 1981, in a town called Belchertown in Massachusetts, United States of America. Her birth name is Sunlen Miller, while her parents’ names are William N. Miller (father) and Denise M. Miller (mother). William is a Midlothian-based independent commercial arbitrator and mediator, while Denise works for Richmond-based French transportation and energy equipment company Alstom as a marketing communications manager.

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Although he is an American citizen, Serfaty is Caucasian. The journalist was raised by her parents with her sister in Midlothian, Virgin. Sunlen holds a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs with a focus on media and communications. She was certified in 2003 after graduating from the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University.

Intriguing Facts About Sunlen Serfaty’s Journey To CNN And All About Her Family

Sunlen Serfaty is known for her expertise in reporting (White House events) and political campaigns. She is highly regarded for her professionalism in writing, broadcasting, and production. Serfaty is known for her coverage of high-profile events inside and outside the corridors of American politics, including campaign trailers, nominations for political office, election debates, and major political news.

Sunlen’s celebrity status was elevated after she followed the 2016 presidential race and Congress and provided the world with the best media coverage of it. Her efforts, dedication, and hard work did not go unnoticed when she was honored with an Emmy Award.

A Look At How Sunlen Serfaty Started Her Career

Sunlen Serfaty began her career in 2003 at the American elite daily newspaper The Washington Post. During her time there, she served as an Associate Producer for programs that ran on radio and television until September 2004. Her next station was at ABC News, where she worked as a general commissioner and on-air contributor for ABC News Now.

In addition to reporting on political events at the White House and Senate for ABC, Sunlen Serfaty followed Barrack Obama’s first presidential campaign in 2008 in detail until his inauguration. She also traveled with Obama to foreign regions and covered his administration in numerous reports. Her work also made it onto the network’s news website and the overnight TV news program World News Now.

Sunlen also worked weekends for the ABC television station in Washington, D.C., WJLA, where she covered the top 10 in the Washington, D.C. metro district and covered current affairs as a general field reporter.

It is worth mentioning that the Belchertown-born reporter had great success and also made a name for herself during her time at ABC. Her expertise in front of the camera earned her airtime on several of the TV station’s platforms, including “World News with Charles Gibson”, “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” and “Politics Live” by ABC News Now.

Sunlen Serfaty’s Journey To CNN And Her Roles There

Sunlen Serfaty joined the American news channel CNN after she left ABC. She first worked in the station’s Washington office for its affiliated news platform CNN Newsource as a news anchor for its more than 800 members. She was later transferred to the general affairs team in Washington, D.C., where she worked as a congressional correspondent.

Sunlen Serfaty is currently investing her time and energy in Washington’s political scene and in current and national news. Since joining CNN, she has been known for her high-profile work, including coverage of the 2016 presidential election and reports on the GOP candidates during the Republican re-election campaign. She was also the first person to report in 2018 on Ohio Representative Jim Jordan’s intention to run for the presidential seat in the House of Representatives at the end of Paul Ryan’s term in 2019.

The Emmy award-winning journalist owes her in-depth knowledge of White House reporting and political campaigning to all her commendable accomplishments on CNN since she joined the station.

Family Life – Is The Journalist Married, Who Is Her Husband?

The Emmy Award-winning television journalist is happily married to an American man named Alexis Leigh Serfaty. The couple first met in Rose Park, Washington through a friend and dated for several years before finally deciding to settle down as husband and wife. Their wedding took place in Rose Park on August 3, 2013, with their families and close friends attending.

Sunlen’s husband works in the office of the Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation as a policy advisor and at Access Partnership as Director of Global Public Policy. He is also chief of staff and vice president of the U.S.U.A.E. Business Council.

Alexis is the son of Simon Serfaty, professor at Old Dominion University Norfolk, and Gail Serfaty, a former State Department staffer. He attended the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, and later the Paris Institute of Political Studies, where he earned a master’s degree in political science.

Serfaty is highly respected for his deep knowledge of economic policy and analysis. In 2012, he was reportedly among the “Top 99 among 33 young foreign policy leaders” of the Washington-based magazine The Diplomatic Courier. Previously, he served as a policy officer for the Trans-Atlantic Business Council and the nonprofit organization Business Executives for National Security.

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Does Sunlen Serfaty Have Kids?

Sunlen Serfaty and her husband are blessed with one child; a daughter named Roosevelt Jolie Serfaty. She was born in the United States on May 28, 2017. The little girl’s name means “Field of Roses,” which is the couple’s favorite place, the Rose Park – the same place where they first met and where their engagement and wedding ceremonies took place.

Apart from Sunlen’s sister and her parents, whom we discussed in one of the sections above, the identities of the other members of her family are not yet publicly known.