Insight Into ‘Forged In Fire’ Doug Marcaida’s Personal Life And The Question About His Marriage
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Doug Marcaida is a Filipino martial artist and bladesmith who has mastered the art of making various weapons for use in the martial arts for 25 years. He is a specialist in the fight against the sharpness of weapons and a maker of some of the deadliest blades the world has ever seen. Doug is also popular as a weapons judge on History Channel’s reality show “Forged in Fire”. His expertise in weaponry makes many wonders how one person can have so much love and passion for blades. Now let’s learn more about this strange personality.

Who Exactly Is Doug Marcaida Of “Forged In Fire”?

Doug Marcaida is a Filipino American. He’s from the Philippines, but he’s from the United States by nationality. He’s actually from Rochester, New York. Since we have discreetly kept his private affairs away from the media, we still need to obtain Marcaida’s date of birth and other related background information. However, he appears to be middle-aged.

Apart from his biographical data, Doug Marcaida is known to the public as a very skilled martial artist and edgy armorer. He came into the spotlight after demonstrating his exceptional skills in the use of weapons in History Channel’s “Forged in Fire” show, a show that tests some of the best minds in the field as they attempt to recreate some of the most iconic blades weapons of the time.

Insight Into ‘Forged In Fire’ Doug Marcaida’s Personal Life And The Question About His Marriage
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Important Facts About Doug Marcaida’s Career 

Doug Marcaida is a man who has tried his hand at a variety of professions, from a combat training contract with the U.S. Army and the development of a special martial arts style to a reality TV star who makes unique weapons with deadly edges, and much more. A detailed look at his career development tells us more…

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Marcaida’s Military Service and Martial Arts Style

Before joining the Forged In Fire Crew, Doug worked for the US military. He served as an instructor for armed combat training with the U.S. Air Force, where he used a martial arts style called “Kali”. Kali is a Filipino martial art style that involves the use of knives, sticks, batons, improvised weapons, and open hand methods. It was this practice that exposed Doug to the art of knife handling, as he initially only had skills in close combat.

Subsequently, Doug developed his own Kali style, which he called “Marcaida Kali”, with the aim of protecting people rather than hurting them. To support this goal, the dangerous armorer pronounces the word “kill” as “Keal”, which he believes stands for “Keep Everyone Alive”.

The joint U.S. Marines of the Philippines have conducted special training in impact combat.

To further spread his special MA skills, Doug Marcaida has invested in schools in the United States. He currently runs three martial arts schools in New York and one in Romania, where he teaches his “Marcaida Kali”. The MA Guru also hopes to open more schools in the coming years. In the meantime, he holds training sessions, workshops, and seminars where he teaches his martial arts.

Doug Marcaida on “Forged In Fire”

As mentioned earlier, it was Doug Marcaida’s appearance on the History Channel that brought him media fame among all his career attempts. The show Forged In Fire features four master blade makers, and former Army Ranger Wil Willis serves as the host. These bladesmiths face the challenge of forging a variety of sharpened weapons that a jury (including Doug) will test. The candidate who survives the elimination phase and moves on to the final episode will receive $10,000. The show, which premiered on June 22, 2015, will be in its seventh season from January 2020.

As one of the show’s jurors, Doug Marcaida represents the end-users of the weapons. He sees them not only as weapons but rather as works of art. According to Doug, every weapon must pass tests of strength, portability, and durability, among other criteria. It should also meet certain aesthetic qualities such as cleanliness and beauty. Isn’t that one of the coolest jobs you can have?

His Knife Designing Career

Doug Marcaida is not only an expert in the use of weapons but also manufactures weapons himself. He has specialized precisely in the development and manufacture of knives of various types. When you see how perfect Doug is in the art of weaponry at the moment, you might think that he has acquired this expertise from the very beginning. But this is far from true, as Marcaida had no blade-making skills before he joined Forged In Fire. In fact, he learned from a fellow judge, J. Neilson.

After falling in love with the profession, Doug became one of the developers of exceptionally unique knives, including the DART (Direct Action Response Theory) Karambit and the DART XT. The DART Karambit is a small curved knife that sits well in the hand) He also designs the FOX knives in Italy.

Marcaida has a website where he promotes his work. His tools have also been used in some movies like Blade, 300, and the Bourne series, where he also acted as a consultant in this field.

What We Know About Marcaida’s Arm Injury and Surgery

Insight Into ‘Forged In Fire’ Doug Marcaida’s Personal Life And The Question About His Marriage
Image source

In early 2017, Doug Marcaida suffered an injury to his right arm, which led him to undergo surgery. He, therefore, had to stay away from shows for several months to let the wound heal.

Although Doug did not give any specific details about how he suffered the injury, he revealed in a Facebook posting that he had injured himself during a weapons test. The martial artist has since recovered and has returned to the show.

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Is Doug Marcaida Married or Dating?

Doug Marcaida’s relationship and married life are no exception when it comes to his mysterious lifestyle. Although he is active on Facebook and Instagram, most of his posts are always on his designs, works, and television shows.

However, the Filipino American has occasionally mentioned and posted photos of his children on social media, which tells us that he may be married. Based on information gathered from his reports, Doug has three sons, the last two of whom he has identified as DJ and Jaden. However, the media have not yet found out who Marcaida had the children with, whether it was his wife or his girlfriend(s).