Inside Scoop On Arryn Zech’s Career Achievements, Dating History and Relationship With Bob Morley
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Arryn Zech is an American voice actress, writer, and photographer who became popular because she lent her voice to the character of Blake Belladonna in the 2013 web series RWBY. Before that, Zech spent over ten years of training and mastering classical voice, theater, and various acting techniques. Today, her efforts have paid off, as she has become one of many multi-talented individuals with an enviable career in the American entertainment industry.

She worked for a long time with the Austin-based production company Rooster Teeth. In 2015, however, she decided to leave the company and move to Los Angeles for better career opportunities. Nevertheless, Zech continued to play the role of Dr. Emily Grey in the longest-running Rooster Teeth web series Red vs. Blue and has remained in a good relationship with her former employers.

Arryn Zech’s Fact Card

How Arryn Zech’s Career Began

Although she became incredibly famous, Arryn Zech’s acting career began during her school days. She studied at the North East School of Arts in San Antonio, Texas, where she majored in musical theatre. There she appeared in several plays and theatre productions of the school. Among her remarkable roles is the role of Calypso in The Odyssey.

Inside Scoop On Arryn Zech’s Career Achievements, Dating History and Relationship With Bob Morley
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After high school, she was admitted to the University of Texas, Austin, where she earned a degree in journalism with a focus on copywriting and design. However, she could not use her diploma, as she soon realized that her passion was acting and singing. After a long period of voice training as a singer, Arryn joined Rooster Teeth, where she auditioned for the role of Blake Belladonna in the web series RWBY and got the chance to play it.

Meanwhile, the Austin-based production company Rooster Teeth, founded in 2003, has become very popular for the launch of a web series that includes reality shows, video games, comedy series, live-action recordings, news broadcasts, and podcasts. Before joining Rooster Teeth, the actress was part of a group called White Fang (a faunal terrorist group). During her time with Rooster Teeth, Arryn Zech also tried her hand at photography and writing. Before her fame, she served as a guard at RWBY.

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Her Role As Blake Belladonna Brought Her Into The Limelight

The release of the web series RWBY marked a turning point for the beautiful actress Arryn Zech, who began to be recognized as the animated character Blake Belladonna. The show, created by Rooster Teeth, is a web-based series in the style of Animes. RWBY takes place in the supernatural universe of Remnant and revolves around four young people who are being trained as warriors to protect their world from the monsters called Grimm.

These warriors include Ruby, White, Blake, and Yang, and they are also associated with the colors red, white, black, and yellow, hence their combined team name RWBY. Arryn’s character signature in the series is known as VBCS “Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe” (or Gambol Shroud) and she is one of the main characters in the series. Since its launch, the series has completed seven seasons, from 2013 to the present.

Arryn Zech worked as a narrator alongside Lindsay Jones, Kara Eberle, and Barbara Dunkelman. However, in August 2015 she announced that she would be leaving Rooster Teeth. Despite her departure, she never stopped her from playing the roles of “Doctor Grey” and “Blake Belladonna” in Rooster Teeth’s RWBY and Red vs.

Is Arryn Zech Married? 

Arryn’s performances have undoubtedly made her fans’ favorites, but not much is known about her private life. But according to what we found out, the actress is not married and there are no records of her having been married in the past. Rumour has it that she was with Miles Luna of Rooster Teeth. However, neither of them has either denied or confirmed this allegation. The duo reportedly had a brief relationship while at Rooster Teeth and it ended in 2015 after Zech left for Los Angeles.

Inside Scoop On Arryn Zech’s Career Achievements, Dating History and Relationship With Bob Morley
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In addition, Miles, an employee of Rooster Teeth, is the lead author of animation at Rooster Teeth. He is best known for writing and directing the company’s programs, including RWBY and Red vs. Blue, through which he has won two International Academy of Web Television Awards.

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What’s Her Relationship With Bob Morley?

Although there are few sources that prove the relationship between the actors, the news about the relationship between Zech and Bob Morley has spread further in the various media. According to reports, Zech and Bob began their relationship in 2015, when Zech participated in the Supanova for Rooster Teeth. The two stayed together until 2019 when Bob himself announced that he is now married to Eliza Taylor, his co-star in the show “The 100”.

Bob Morley, whose full name is Robert Alfred Morley, is an Australian actor born on 20 December 1984. He is best known for his role as “Drew Curtis” in the Australian soap opera “Home and Away” in 2006, and also appeared in several short films and theatre productions before going mainstream. Before his alleged relationship with Zech, Morley was associated with Jane Godsen and Jessica Tovey.