Eugenia Jones Biography, Everything About Jerry Jones’ Wife
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Eugenia Jones is one that can be described as a shrinking violet. She belongs to the golden generation that still prefers individual interaction rather than presence in social media.

Eugenia Jones is an American art collector, businesswoman, and model. She is also what you might call a happy donor, and has been involved in several charitable works over the years. Although she does not disclose the names of the charities she supports, those close to her suggest that she is wholeheartedly committed to the cause she believes worthy of her support.

She is married to the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones. The couple has been married for about five decades and has three children together.

Eugenia Jones Biography

Eugenia Jones was born in the United States of America in 1944. There is no information available about her parents, siblings, or extended family; neither has she passed on any information about her early life. She graduated from the University of Arkansas, Arlington, Texas, and married her lover, Jerry Jones, in 1963. They have been married ever since.

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Net Worth

Eugenia is not one to flaunt her wealth in any way, and to date, she has never publicly disclosed how much she is worth, but we know that it could be billions of dollars, and that is why we think so.

Eugenia is the matriarch of the Jerry Jones family, and we know that she plays a prominent role in the Jones business empire. Her husband owns the Dallas Cowboys, which will be worth about $5 billion by 2019 and remains one of the most profitable business and sports franchises in the world.

Her husband Jerry is estimated by Forbes to be worth about $6.9 billion in 2019. Eugenia has been there with her husband since the day he bought the Dallas Cowboys, so she must be worth quite a bit of money.

Marriage To Jerry Jones

Eugenia Jones – Biography, Everything About Jerry Jones’ Wife
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In the 1960s there were no social media or dating sites, you had to choose your partner the old-fashioned way, and that’s how Eugenia met her husband Jerry. When she was in her first year at the University of Arkansas, one of her friends set her up on a blind date, and it turned out to be Jerry Jones – the captain of the soccer team.

Jerry invited her to a quiet dinner, and afterward, they went to the state fair with her friends. At the state fair, it was customary for the men to attend a game or tournament to win a prize for their female dates, but no matter how hard Jerry tried, he just couldn’t win anything for Eugenia, so he did the next best thing – he bought her a gift, and that was the beginning of their relationship.

Eugenia and Jerry Jones have been married for more than five decades; they have never been separated or divorced in all that time. Such long-term commitments in marriages are no longer common today, and divorce rates are high around the world. Even when evidence of Jerry’s infidelity surfaced in 2014, she did not leave her husband as most wives would. She approached the subject with great serenity and understanding; even when sultry images of Jerry held some women by the breast or rubbed their prey with his crotch, she never lost her cool. After the media storm caused by Jerry’s escapades was over, she still spoke gloriously of her husband, thanked him for his understanding, and gave her very sound advice when she had to make tough and important business decisions.

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Love For Art

Eugenia is an art lover. She was co-chair of the Meadows School of Art and a member of the Cultural Trust Board of Texas. She is also responsible for art at the home stadium of the Dallas Cowboys – the AT&T Stadium in Texas. She has had several talented artists create very specific works of art for the stadium with the intention of enhancing the experience for the fans; her art collection is one of the largest in America, all thanks to Eugenia and her husband.

Children And Grandchildren

Eugenia’s marriage is blessed with three successful children and 9 grandchildren. Her children – Stephen, Charlotte, and Jerry Jones Jr. – are all successful and are part of the family’s Dallas Cowboys business. They all hold very senior positions in the company and have helped make it the very successful franchise it is today with their own quota.