Eric Weddle Biography, Career Stats, Height, Weight, Wife and Family Life
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Eric Weddle has earned his well-deserved reputation as one of the best defenders in the NFL. His sensitivity to sound from every angle has made him a dependable force, ensuring an impregnable line of defense on the field.

Today, Eric’s five-year, $40 million contracts with the Chargers make him one of the highest-earned securities in the league’s history. Indeed, the talented footballer never expected to go far in his career. He describes himself as a boy who loved the game but was benched; who fought back and got hurt but didn’t let the bad moments get him down. He further confesses that these small disturbances did not dampen his thirst for action, but rather drove him to take a giant leap to see even greater heights to conquer.

The legendary American football player believes that to get better today, you have to try your best to contribute more than yesterday because winners around the world pay a high price to reach their desired goal. Eric’s case is a story of heroic successes and devastating defeats that should be close to the heart of the aspiring American footballer.

Eric Weddle Biography

The famous footballer was born on January 4, 1985, in Fontana California as Eric Steven Weddle. Information about the identity of the soccer star’s parents is not currently available, but records indicate that he is from Southern California and grew up in Alta Loma, 35 miles east of California.

Eric Weddle Biography Career Stats, Height, Weight, Wife and Family Life
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He received his high school education at Alta Loma High School, where he was actively involved in the school’s basketball, baseball, and soccer teams. When Eric finished high school, he transferred to the University of Utah, where he played soccer and was declared the consensus of all Americans.

Prior to his contract with the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League, he was with the San Diego Chargers on a five-year $40 million contract that made him one of the top earners in the NFL.

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Eric Weddle Career Stats

Eric Weddle was ranked by the Chargers in the second round of the 2007 NFL draft by the Chargers almost unanimously with the predictions of various observers as 37th. The player, who signed a four-year contract for $4.6 million, was named a backup powerhouse at the beginning of the season.

In his 2007 season debut against the Chicago Bears, he scored 3 solo tackles and his first career win. By the end of his rookie season, after 15 games and 15 starts, he had completed 53 combined tackles with 42 solos, six passes, one sack, and one interception.

By the end of the 2008 season, Eric Weddle had scored 127 combined tackles with 105 solos. In 16 games and 16 starts, he scored five passes, one bag, and one interception in 16 games and 16 starts, which was far more impressive than his early days on the team. Before joining the Baltimore Raves in March 2016, Weddle had scored a total of 850 combined tackles with 682 solos.

In 2017 he finished his tour with the Baltimore Ravens with 63 combined tackles, 49 solos, and six interceptions.

Wife and Family Life

Eric Weddle Biography Career Stats, Height, Weight, Wife and Family Life
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Eric Weddle married his former high school sweetheart, Chanel Weddle, in July 2005, just before his junior season in Utah. The couple lived near Ogden, Utah, and Chanel also played soccer for the Aggies.

Speaking of the remarkable footballer’s wife, Chanel was born Chanel Marie Blaquiere on February 24, 1984, in Alta Loma, California. The 5-foot 8-inch tall lady is the daughter of Ron and Sonya Blaquiere. The couple met during their years at Alta Loma High School, where they both played soccer, and together they went to the University of Utah for further studies.

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Chanel, who went to the university on a scholarship, graduated with a major in social work. The couple is blessed with four children: Kamri Joe, Brooklyn Marie, Gaige, and Silver Jeans.

Height and Weight

The American Footballer stands at a height of 1.8 m (5 feet 11 inches) and weighs 91 kg (200 lb). Further details of his body measurements have yet to be confirmed.