Eric Braeden Bio, Age, Family, Salary, Married, Wife, Son
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If you think Eric Braeden is one of the most prominent German actors in America, you are not alone. The actor began his long career in 1962 and has since made dozens of theater, television series, and film appearances. The actor made his breakthrough as Victor Newman in the critically acclaimed soap opera The Young and the Restless, which has been running since March 26, 1973. This series alone earned him the Soap Opera Digest Award for Leading Actors (1997), the People’s Choice Award for the most popular day actor (18th annual event), and a Daytime Emmy for outstanding leading actor in a drama series (1998). In addition to these awards, Eric received seven other Emmy nominations between 1987 and 2004 for his role in The Young and the Restless.

Eric Braeden’s Bio (Age)

Eric Braeden was born on April 3, 1941, in a place called Bredenbek in Germany. His birth name is Hans-Jörg Gudegast. The German-American actor was raised in Germany by his father, who died when he was only twelve years old. Before his death, Eric’s father served as a minor Nazi politician and as a major in the military. But even then his family could not make ends meet. The actor’s only escape from the circumstances of his family was through athletics and sports. Eric was very good at athletics, handball, and football. An avid football fanatic, he performed for many local and semi-professional teams during his active years.

Eric Braeden Bio, Age, Family, Salary, Married, Wife, Son
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In 1959 he emigrated to the United States in search of greener pastures. He settled first in New York City and later in Galveston, from where he moved to Texas and then to Montana. During his stay in Montana and Texas, he did various odd jobs, including cowboys, translators, and sawmill work. He also worked in the laboratory of the University of Texas Medical School, then moved to Los Angeles, where he enrolled in Santa Monica College. He also studied at Montana State University, Missoula, after receiving an athletics scholarship.

Eric Braeden holds the record as one of the founders of the German-American Cultural Society (GACS). In 1991 he received the Federal Medal of Honor from the then German President Richard von Weizsacker, whose “courage and moral leadership” he greatly admires.

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Although German by birth, the 1.80 meters tall veteran of theater arts has successfully made a name for himself in the American Film Brotherhood, which in turn has helped improve his financial life. From his dozens of television shows and films, Eric Braeden has earned an estimated $25 million in net worth, but his salary is not available for public inspection.

Is Eric Braeden Married? Family, Wife, Son

At a time when the divorce rate remains high, it is always gratifying to see couples spending a large part of their years together as husband and wife. Celebrities are known for their short-lived marriages, especially in Hollywood, which many call “the home of the 72-day marriage”. For Eric Braeden, the opposite is true – he has beaten the odds of living with his wife for over five decades.

Eric is happily married to his college sweetheart, Dale Russell Gudegast. They entered into the covenant of marriage on October 8, 1966, and have gone through ups and downs together. Together they have a son named Christian Gudegast. The elderly film actor allegedly lives with his wife in Bredenbek, Germany.

Eric Braeden Bio, Age, Family, Salary, Married, Wife, Son
Image source

His wife was born in Los Angeles on November 17, 1941. She is an actress who became famous for her role in the American romantic adventure family film Holiday in the Sun in 2001. Dalle is also known as the sister of the popular Bakersfield, California-born actress Patricia Annette Olson, professionally known as Sigrid Valdis. She studied at both a private elementary school and a high school in Los Angeles, California, but the actress never made it to college.

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Her son Christian was born on February 9, 1970, in Los Angeles. Eric’s only son works as a screenwriter and filmmaker and is known for the film A Man Apart, in which the well-known actor Vin Diesel starred. Christian is a product of UCLA film school, which he graduated from in 1992 as the best student in his class. In the same year, his graduation film “Shadow Box” received the award for the best student film.

After graduating from film school, the younger Gudegast began directing rap music videos. He switched completely to screenwriting after he sold his first screenplay Black Ocean to Oliver Stone in 1993. He is said to have written the screenplay together with his former partner Paul Scheuring. Christian is happily married to his mistress, with whom he shares three lovely children. His father Eric often uploads pictures of his grandchildren to his Twitter page.