Elijah Kelley Bio, Height, Net Worth, Gay, Girlfriend, Family
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Although not one of the most popular, Elijah Kelley is a very versatile American who acts, sings, and dances, and for these, he has become popular.

Kelley has been around for quite some time, and he is more known for his roles in films such as 28 Days, Hairspray, and the NBC live music event The Wiz Live! in 2015.

Elijah Kelley’s Bio

Kelley was born on 1 August 1986 in LaGrange, Georgia. This is also where the versatile person grew up. He received his first education at Long Cane Middle School, and from here he attended Troup County High School.

Elijah Kelley Bio, Height, Net Worth, Gay, Girlfriend, Family
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As he grew up, Elias had a dream of becoming a singer, even more than he wanted to be an actor. That’s why he was part of the school’s show choir during his high school years. But while he was doing this, he still wanted to be an actor, and although there were not many opportunities in LaGrange where he grew up, he still managed some local auditions. His parents wanted him to go to college after high school, but he wanted to continue his acting career. Eventually, his family decided to support him and his parents quit their jobs and moved to California where they believed he would have better opportunities.

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Elijah Kelly’s Acting, Singing, and Dancing

Kelley continued his career and was fortunate enough to start with various appearances in some Coca-Cola commercials as a child. He got his first role as an actor already in 1998 in the TV show “Mama Flora’s Family”. The following year he played a role in another television show, A Lesson Before Dying. Further appearances in other TV shows followed, including The Shield, Everybody Hates Chris, and most recently 2017 Star (TV series).

He has also starred in a number of films, including 28 Days, Take the Lead, Hairspray, for which he received much attention and recognition, Boys of Abu Ghraib and Strange Magic, in which he appeared as a narrator.

As a singer, the actor revealed that he began his journey in the church where both his parents were in service. He then became part of a traveling music group, and this led him to join the gospel band.

He was credited with the soundtracks of Hairspray, DisneyMania 6 and Sex, and the City: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Vol. 2 and the Hairspray singles with Run and Tell That, Come So Far, and You Can’t Stop The Beat.

Elijah Kelley Gay, Girlfriend

As a young actor and singer, who is both successful and handsome, there are many allusions to Kelley, especially because he is not married. One of the insinuations is that he is gay. But although the man has never come out to confirm or deny the allegations, there is no strong evidence that he is. This is mainly because no one has been identified as his partner.

Looking at his life as a partner, he has either been very successful in keeping secrets or he has never had a date with anyone in the past. However, there have been some rumors that Elijah Kelley’s girlfriend was Amanda Bynes. This turned out to be wrong as they were just very close.

In fact, in some deleted tweets an account came out claiming to belong to the actress to announce that she was engaged to a man, Matt V, with whom she had been dating for 8 months. She did not deny this.

Elijah Kelley Bio, Height, Net Worth, Gay, Girlfriend, Family
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Elijah Kelley’s Net Worth

Considering that he is a man of great versatility and always tries hard in everything he does, one can only expect the man to have a reasonable fortune to show for it. Elijah Kelley’s net worth is $1 million, which is pretty fair.

What is even more interesting about Elijah is that even though his name does not appear among those who earn half the world, he is very generous and is known for his philanthropy and the Elijah Kelley Foundation, which he has found to be a “liaison between underprivileged children and their dreams in arts and entertainment.

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Elijah Kelley Facts

Age: 31 (August 1, 1986)

Marital Status: Single

Place of Birth: LaGrange, Georgia.

Occupation: Actor, singer, dancer,

Height: 5′ 6½” (1.69 m)

Net Worth: $1 Million