DeRay Davis Girlfriends, Wife, Bio, Daughter, Parents, Brother, Net Worth
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DeRay Davis was very successful in the entertainment industry both as an actor and as a stand-up comedian. He is well known for movies like Barbershop and its sequel, 21 Jump Street, and more. On the small screen, he has appeared in FOX’s Empire, HBO’s Entourage, Wild ‘N Out, and more.

DeRay Davis Girlfriends, Wife

In recent years the word “threesome” has come up more and more often in Hollywood, and DeRay Davis is one of those who openly admits that he is in a polyamorous relationship. The comedian lives happily with two women at the same time and has no marriage plans either, and it looks like they all agree.

In 2016, Davis’ threesome relationship was featured in Oxygen’s unwritten show Living with Funny, which featured aspiring comedians while taking a close look at their personal lives, especially the women in their lives. Davis said he agreed to do the show because he wanted to “show the other side of what a comedian goes through when the curtains are closed.

Davis himself revealed more information about his polyamorous relationship in an episode of the November 2017 daily talk show The Real.

DeRay Davis Girlfriends, Wife, Bio, Daughter, Parents, Brother, Net Worth
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“Life with two women in a polyamorous relationship is perfectly fine, and people shouldn’t be shocked that it works,” Davis said much to the shock of the female hosts he was sitting with.

DeRay’s two friends are Caro Peguero, born in 1991, and Coco Crawford, born in 1993, and in The Real, the joker further revealed: “I’ve been with one of them for about five years, and with the other for almost two and a half years. But he didn’t specify which lady he’d been with the longest.

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He added: “You feel very comfortable because I am very open. I can’t make it where everything is: ‘Oooh, look what I’m doing. I’m not a player”.

When one of the hostesses asked him which one he would marry, Davis said, “I’d rather they married each other and I’d just be with both of them.

Watch the video below:

Before DeRay got into the game with his two girls, he was with a certain Claudia Jordon. Claudia ended the relationship on a note, and when he asked her why she had ended the relationship with Davis, she simply replied, “Because he had too many sluts.” Apparently, not every woman agrees to share her husband.

DeRay Davis Daughter

Davis has a daughter named Brook Davis. Since 2017 Brook is a teenager. Davis shows her regularly on social media. However, he has never said a word about who her mother might be and how he raises her with his two concubines. Brook once accompanied her father to a red carpet event.

DeRay Davis’s Bio

Davis was born Antoine DeRay Davis in Chicago, Illinois, on August 5, 1968, and grew up in Robbins and Dolton. He began his career in show business as a stand-up comedian who performed in various comedy clubs. His breakthrough came at the Laffapalooza Festival in Atlanta.

Davis played the role of Ray Ray in Barbershop. After this performance, Davis moved to Los Angeles and won the Comedy Central Laugh Riots competition. Since then he has starred in over 30 films including Barbershop 2: Back in Business (2004), The Fog (2005), School for Scoundrels (2006), Scary Movie 4 (2006), Jumping the Broom (2011), 21 Jump Street (2012), G.I. Joe: Retribution (2013), Meet the Blacks (2016) and many others.

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In addition to his acting and comedy career, Davis has appeared on the rap albums of many rap stars and even appeared in their music videos, from Kanye West’s The College Dropout and Late Registration, where he played Bernie Mac, and from the Three 6 Mafia music video for “Doe Boy Fresh.

DeRay Davis Girlfriends, Wife, Bio, Daughter, Parents, Brother, Net Worth
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DeRay Davis Brother, Parents

Davis is the older brother of R n B singer and songwriter Steph Jones. It’s almost unbelievable when you consider that Jones was born and raised in Houston, Texas, while his older brother is from Chicago. According to reports, Jones’ father (also Davis’ father) was a drug dealer who was shot and killed when Jones was just 12 years old. Their mother was a disc jockey.

Jones attended college in Santa Monica and majored in psychology. He is best known for his collaboration with rapper Ludacris, whom he played alongside Chingy on the single “Celebrity Chick” and Small World. Through Ludacris’ Disturbing Tha Peace he was signed to Def Jam but later left the label.

DeRay Davis’s Net Worth: $1.5 Million