David Nehdar Wiki, Net Worth, Relationship with Lacey Chabert, Family
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If you are a movie lover, the name Lacey Chabert would sound more familiar to you than David Nehdar. This is of course because Lacey Chabert is in the acting business, but David Nehdar is not. But David became known to film lovers thanks to his marriage with Lacey Chabert, a former child actress, and today’s Hallmark leading actress. Follow us while we try to find out some facts about the couple.

David Nehdar Wiki, Net Worth

When a star actress ties the knot to someone, her fans are usually curious about who that special person might be to her favorite actress, and the case was no different for Lacey Chabert’s husband David Nehdar. But unfortunately, and much to the disappointment of Chabert’s fans, David Nehdar is an extremely private person. He is not in the acting business, which makes it even more difficult to obtain information about him.

He must be a CIA, we are joking! Who else could hide from the media, even after being in a relationship with one of his stars for so long? However, there is no information about his biography or his net worth. Chabert, who maintains an active social media profile, has not even published a photo of her husband, which makes us think of him more as a CIA agent. lol!

David Nehdar Wiki, Net Worth, Relationship with Lacey Chabert, Family

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that David may one day crawl out of his snail shell, maybe take Lacey to a special red-carpet event, and tell us how he managed to stay under the radar for years.

While David’s net worth is unknown, his wife Lacey Chabert is said to have an estimated net worth of $10 million. Some of her most memorable movies are Daddy Day Care (2003), Mean Girls (2004), Black Christmas (2006), and more. In recent years, she has starred in other Hallmark television films

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David Nehdar Relationship with Lacey Chabert

David Nehdar and Lacey Chabert were in a long-term romantic relationship before they tied the knot in the holiday season of 2013. All through the period that they dated, the couple kept their relationship low-key. Even when they got married, the media was unaware until Lacey herself revealed it to fans via Twitter.

Later in 2014, precisely in June, Chabert spoke more about why she kept her wedding secret.

“I didn’t want it to feel like an event,” she told People. Chabert also talked about her husband’s privacy and explained that relationships are difficult enough without the opinion of strangers. In other words, making her private life public would exacerbate the usual relationship problems.

“I wanted it to be personal. He (David Nehdar) is not in business and we like our privacy, and I just think relationships are hard enough without the opinion of strangers. So we try to keep them as personal and private as possible.”

Also Chabert, or should we say Mrs. Nehdar, spoke of her wedding and described it as “perfect chaos”.

“I was in the process of making a film and we planned the whole thing in about six weeks. The caterer gave notice two days before, my sisters’ clothes didn’t arrive, and one of my shoes broke – crazy stuff like that. It was just crazy, but it was perfect at the same time,” she said when she attended the 11th Annual Inspiration Awards in support of Step Up in Beverly Hills.

“Nothing you were worried about was really important in the end,” Chabert added about her hasty wedding. “I think the highlight was when my father walked me down the aisle. He was really sick, and I just know that this is a moment I will cherish forever.”

Some of her celebrity friends who attended were Kley Cuoco and her sister Briana Cuoco, bachelorette graduate Ali Fedotowsky and Amy Davidson.

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David Nehdar’s Family

David and Lacey welcomed their first child, a daughter, on 2 September 2016. Unlike her husband, Lacey is less closed-minded when it comes to her baby.

She has published a series of photos of her sweet girl on her Instagram account.