David Boudia Wife, Gay, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth, Kids
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David Boudia is an American diver who made his name at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, where he won the gold medal in the 10-meter platform diving competition and a silver medal in the same competition. These two medals have promoted Boudia’s career and put him in the spotlight.

For example, he enjoyed increased attention during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil when he won the bronze medal in the same discipline and the silver medal alongside Steele Johnson in the men’s synchronized 10-meter platform diving competition. Read on to learn more about Boudia’s professional and personal life.

David Boudia Wife, Gay, Girlfriend

On the Internet, the sexual orientation of David Boudia was searched for, and it is no secret that Boudia is NOT gay. The diver was never gay. Confused sexuality was not on the list of battles he documented in his book “Greater Than Gold”: From Olympic heartache to ultimate salvation”.

David Boudia Wife, Gay, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth, Kids
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After graduating from high school, Boudia had two choices: He decided to train as a diver or to attend college and enrolled at Purdue University. Fortunately, Boudia met a certain Sonnie Brand at Purdue University, whom he initially met and whom he would later marry right after the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

She has supported Bourdin from the beginning. But their relationship was not without battles. In David’s book, mentioned above, the star diver revealed that he and Sonnie broke up twice while they were together. And if you feel that Sonnie had any problems with David at all because he shared such personal information, think again.

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In an interview with Indy Star, Sonnie revealed that she wasn’t upset at all. “I think honesty is always best,” she said. “I appreciate his (David’s) vulnerability. We are just like everybody else. We have things we work through.”

Boudia had hired Sonnie before the 2012 Summer Olympics. In an interview with Team USA.org in 2014, Boudia revealed how he asked Sonnie the question. It was during a “Succotash” game, which is a mixture of charades, just a catchphrase, and other word games that both like to play.

“I got the idea of using ‘commitment’ as one of the words in the game,” David said. “We started playing the first round (which was a catchphrase) and Sonnie guessed the word ‘commitment’ right away. Then in the second round (charades), I tried to make a stupid gesture that didn’t look like ‘engagement’, but of course, she guessed it immediately – which wasn’t part of my plan.

Boudia plucked up courage and asked Sonnie to become his wife. Thanks to social media, we learn a little about Sonnie. In her Twitter biography, it says: “follower of Christ, wife, mum, RDN”. RDN stands there for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists. Sonnie is a food lover and has published photos of home-cooked meals in her Instagram account.

David Boudia Wife, Gay, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth, Kids
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From her 2012 interview with Glamour Magazine, we can see that Sonnie has a modest character. When asked how it feels to deal with all the attention her husband receives as a gold medalist, she said

“You kind of learn where you stand, what you have to say, and when you have to contribute… I’m not stupid enough to think that people are lining up to meet his fiancĂ©e, so sometimes I just step back more.

David Boudia Kids

At the time of writing, Boudia and his wife Sonnie share two adorable children. The first child, a daughter Dakoda, was born in October 2014. Boudia has revealed that his daughter is a great inspiration to him.

“This was a time in my career when I was a little anxious, a little tired of doing what I was doing,” said Boudia. “So somehow she (Dakoda) brought the fire back into my life, knowing that I have a little girl who looks up to me.


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In August 2017, Boudia and his wife welcomed a second child, another daughter named Mila Primm Boudia. Photos of the children can be seen on their mother Sonnie Brand’s Instagram account.

Net Worth

Boudia is undoubtedly an accomplished diver. However, the exact amount of his income from diving is not known to the public. We estimate that his net worth is between 500,000 and 1 million dollars.

David Boudia Height: 1.78 m