Crucial Facts About Regina Lasko – David Letterman’s Wife
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Regina Lasko became a topic of national interest after her husband, David Letterman, caused a sex scandal in 2009, just six months after tying the knots. Despite rumors that Lasko was on his way to end the scandal with the comedian, the couple ironed out their differences and have remained married ever since, remaining faithful to their family and the relationship that has existed since 1986. Even though Lasko became famous as the wife of David Letterman, she has done a lot for herself.

Lasko, who was born on November 20, 1960, somewhere in the United States, can best be described as a product manager. She has worked on shows like Another World (1964), Saturday Night Live (1975), and of course Late Night with David Letterman. Regina Lasko has also performed in shows like Extra and Entertainment Tonight as herself. Here are some interesting facts about the woman behind one of television’s most notorious and popular personalities.

Regina Lasko’s Fact Card

Crucial Facts About Regina Lasko – David Letterman’s Wife
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Regina Lasko Was a Member of David Letterman’s Staff

In February 1986, Regina met the legendary talk show host, David Letterman, while working behind the camera on his iconic show. However, during an interview with the Rolling Stones in 2015, Letterman bragged about his wife’s career and praised her as very smart. He also noted that she worked on the radio and therefore knew everything he did in the studio. Apart from her career, the joker also praised his wife for being a supportive partner and an excellent behind-the-scenes companion. According to the proud husband, Lasko willingly played with the nonsense and bizarre things the family did.

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Did You Know She Is Letterman’s Second Wife?

Regina’s marriage to David Letterman is her first, but that’s not the case with the comedian; he has been married before. His first marriage was to Michelle Cook, his college sweetheart. The marriage bond was made in Indiana in 1968. Cook is said to have encouraged him to move to Los Angeles and pursue a career in the entertainment industry, while at the same time helping him launch his comedy career. Sadly, their marriage broke up after they had been together for 10 years. Their divorce was finalized in 1978, 8 years before he met Regina Lasko.

Who Has She Dated In The Past?

As far as is known, it is highly unlikely that Lasko was dating anyone else before he met David Letterman. She was 25 years old at the time of their meeting and started dating the legendary host of the show. Letterman was in a romantic relationship at the time with Merrill Markoe, the show’s lead author. He was still with Markoe when he met Lasko in 1986, but had to break up with her and end their 10-year relationship.

Markoe later described their relationship as unorthodox and obviously saw their end as necessary. In a 1994 interview with USA Today, she explained that although they had feelings for each other, the nature of their relationship was described by stupidity.

How Long Has She And David Letterman Been Together?

Regina Lasko worked on Letterman’s show for a long time; that’s not all, she was also his girlfriend for 23 years. Even after they had a son, Harry, in 2003, he was still not ready to make their relationship ironclad. Finally, on March 19, 2009, Lasko became the second wife of Letterman. They married very reservedly in a courthouse in Choteau, Montana.

Letterman always joked about his marriage and said that they took so long to get married because they wanted to make sure the prenup was just right. Unfortunately for the newlyweds, it didn’t take long for their marriage to break up for the first time. Letterman not only waited 23 years to make Lasko his wife but he also publicly confessed to having extramarital affairs.

The Ups and Downs Of Their Marriage

Six months after marrying Lasko, he became involved in a sex scandal that shocked the media and had the potential to end their marriage. A blackmailer, Joe Halderman, who is also a television producer, known for 48 hours, threatened to reveal details of Letterman’s affairs with his associates. In his opinion, Joe’s girlfriend, Stephanie Birkitt, was among the women Letterman allegedly slept with.

As shocking as the allegations were, they turned out to be true. Instead of paying the blackmailer, David Letterman came forward with his affair and apologized to his wife and fans for his horrible behavior. He compared the experience “with the death of his family in a car accident” and he worked hard to save his marriage afterward.

Despite all the negativities and the bad energy, David brought into her marriage, Regina Lasko fortunately never spoke against him, at least not publicly. She let go of her husband’s past affairs to keep peace in her home. Lasko stayed at his side through the storm – and now they seem happier than ever. Instead of tearing them apart, the scandal apparently held them together.

How Many Kids Does Regina Lasko Have?

Regina shares a child with her husband. Her son, Harry Joseph Letterman, was born November 3, 2003, in North Salem, New York. Their then 5-year-old son was by her side when they entered into the bond of marriage. When he was only two years old in 2005, a certain Kelly Allen Frank, who worked at the Letterman Ranch in Montana, was the mastermind behind a conspiracy to kidnap Harry Joseph Letterman.

However, his plan came to light when he contacted a stranger to share his thoughts on the kidnapping of Harry for a ransom of $5 million. Fortunately for Regina Lasko and her family, the plans were not realized and they can enjoy being parents to their son as long as they can. The family of three lives in a 108-acre estate in North Salem, New York.

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What Is Regina Lasko Doing Now?

Regina Lasko has always been a very supportive wife who has always stood by her husband, even though they have not had an easy relationship. The couple has been together for more than three decades and stayed married for more than a while, but they are still strongly connected.

After 33 years as host of his exhibition, Letterman retired in 2015. While he stayed away from television, the cult presenter was grateful that this allowed him to spend more time and build a strong bond with his family, especially his son.

Nevertheless, he resumed his hosting duties in 2018 with Netflix’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, where he is allowed to interview one high-profile guest every hour of the show. On the other hand, Regina Lasko, who once worked for her husband behind the camera, has become more attuned to supporting him and taking care of her family.