Channing Tatum’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements
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It is wonderful to dig up facts, especially when it comes to the great Channing Tatum, his looks and versatile acting skills have taken him to a level of his own. The actor, dancer, and producer, was born on April 26, 1980, as Channing Matthew Tatum. Tatum started out as a dancer and model, but later he starred in several small productions, the film that broadened his horizons was ‘Step Up’, in 2006.

The actor has come a long way since then, movies like ‘Magic Mike’ and ‘G. I Joe’ have catapulted him to the top and to be honest, everyone loves them a little bit, Channing Tatum. With that in mind, we’ll dive right into the main course.

Channing Tatum’s Height

Channing is highly regarded for his sculpted good looks, athletic build, light brown hair, and striking green eyes if you have seen ‘Jupiter Ascending’ you know what we mean by ‘striking’. The actor also has the coveted triangular body shape, characterized by broad shoulders, a broad chest and a narrow waist.

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Even to the untrained eye, he looks tall and we have the characters to prove it. He is 1.5 m tall, but there have been more than a few speculations that the actor is a few inches shorter. Could this be another ‘Schwarzenegger Heights’ conspiracy?

Considering Channing Tatum’s size, the most likely outdoes his wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum. She stands, much shorter than her husband, at five feet and six inches. Tatum’s height also puts him in the same row as a handful of popular and interesting people, here are a few: Barack Obama (no need to explain who he is), Robert Patterson (one of the faces of the Twilight saga) and Cristiano Ronaldo (world-famous soccer player).

Channing Tatum’s weight

In contrast to the topic of the height of Tatum, we are pretty sure that we can dig out some more juicy details here. The torn body and the well-built muscles of the actor obviously indicate that he has a rather intensive training program. Believe it or not, the actor had a ‘fappy’ (fat and happy) phase just before he was about to shoot the sequel to his 2012 movie ‘Magic Mike’.

In this context, the actor said: “I was super fat when I started. It was Daddy fat. Actually, it was any kind of fat. He added this little information: “I’m still between 25 and 30 pounds over.

It took more than a minute to whip him back into shape and it was no walk in the park. The actor weighed about 95 kg while they needed him at 83 kg and his L.A. based coach, Arin Babaian, brought him back to his former glory within 10 weeks. It took a series of grueling outdoor exercises, a strict diet, coupled with a slight hunger, to reach his target weight, which the actor still maintains today.

Channing is a self-proclaimed ‘high-functioning alcoholic’, so in his distress, he also had to give up the bottle to get rid of the extra flakes he had gained by overindulging himself, usually while eating. Well, at least he’s confident that he can always recover from a few extra pounds.

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Channing Tatum’s body measurements

His measurements are all out there for other bodybuilders and also for those who are just curious. As we mentioned before, the actor has a triangular body shape and we now have the figure that supports this claim. His chest size is 42 inches and his waist size is a whole 10 inches less. His biceps must get the attention they need during his training sessions because he has the same size as the biceps of a certain Nordic god.

If your mind went directly to ‘Thor’ (Chris Hemsworth), you guessed right. Somebody lifted the weights right. Apart from his obvious affinity for weights, the actor is a very good sportsman who has been playing football, athletics, and baseball in Channing since childhood. No doubt, he still tries his hand at it now and then.

Even if you have been waiting to find out the shoe size of Channing Tatum, you know we have you. He wears a U.S. size 10, a European size 43, and a British size 9.5. The updates on Channing Tatum are endless, so be sure to wait…