Cash Warren Bio, Net Worth, Facts About Jessica Alba’s Husband
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Cash Warren is an extraordinary film producer and businessman. He has produced several blockbuster movies in Hollywood, including “Fantastic Four”, “Crips” and “Bloods”: Made in America and Taxi, among others. One of the reasons why Cash became popular in the mainstream media is his marriage to the Hollywood screen goddess Jessica Alba. The couple has three children together.

Cash is also president and co-owner of Verso Entertainment and Apoko, a digital management company. Let’s find out more about Mr. Warren.

Cash Warren Biography

Cash Garner Warren was born on January 10, 1979, in Los Angeles, California, USA. His father (Michael Warren) was a popular basketball player during his college years and an American television actor. His mother is Sue Narramore. He grew up with his two sisters (Koa and Makayla) and one brother (Grayson).

He grew up with a keen interest in film and acting. He also followed in his father’s footsteps for a while and played basketball in high school. Cash went to Crossroads School in Santa Monica, California, where he was in a class with Kate Hudson. He then went to the prestigious Yale University where he studied political science and graduated in 2001.

Cash Warren – Bio, Net Worth, Facts About Jessica Alba’s Husband
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While shooting a film in 2004, he met his lovely wife Jessica. As Jessica will later confess, they were attracted to each other, but at that time they were both meetings, other people. The couple got engaged in 2007 and entered into the bond of marriage in a secret ceremony. Cash and Jessica have two daughters and a son together.

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Cash started his career from the base of the cadre. When he took the step into production, he started as a production assistant in the film Taxi (2004). Cab featured big names in the film industry such as Queen Latifah, Jennifer Esposito, Jimmy Fallon, and Gisele Bundchen, to name but a few. The film raised a total of $68,895,435 worldwide, and Cash was celebrated for his contribution to the success of the film.

He also worked as a production assistant in “Fantastic Four”, which became a box office hit with total proceeds of $330,579,700. The film received a nomination for the Saturn and MTV Awards. Cash Warren is also known for other films such as In the Blood (2014), 30 for 30 (2015), Made in America (2008), and Independent Lens (1999), to name a few.

Cash has also ventured into business. He is a co-owner of several flourishing companies in the entertainment industry. He co-founded Verso Entertainment, a production company focused on documentaries related to social issues for television and digital media. He is also a key figure in the creation of Apoko – a digital media group that helps professional athletes and other celebrities connect with their fans.

He is said to have founded a gaming website and also co-founded Pair of Thieves (a brand that makes multifunctional products called “Ready for Everything”) in 2014.


Cash is married to Jessica Alba. Apart from her beauty and impressive acting career, Jessica Alba has made a name for herself through various entrepreneurial activities. She is co-owner of The Honest Company, which deals in household goods, personal care products, and diapers. Recently she also founded Honest Beauty, which deals in beauty and skincare products. Jessica wrote a New York Times bestselling book, The Honest Life, based on her personal experience in creating a non-toxic life for her family.

Cash Warren – Bio, Net Worth, Facts About Jessica Alba’s Husband
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The first daughter of Jessica and Cash (Honor Marie Warren) was born in June 2008, two months after their marriage. Honor’s first pictures appeared in OK magazine, for which they allegedly earned $1.5 million. Later they had Haven Garner Warren (another daughter) in 2011 and their son Hayes Alba Warren on December 31, 2017.

Net Worth

With business interests spanning a variety of sectors, Cash Warren has accumulated quite substantial assets. His net worth is estimated at approximately $10 million.

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Interesting Facts About Cash Warren

1. Cash is a loving father and Jessica does not hesitate to rave about how lucky they are to have him around. She reveals that he allows her girls to paint his nails on weekends to allow him to watch sports.

2. Cash is still close friends with the popular basketball player Baron Davis, with whom he played basketball during his school days. He was photographed together with Jessica watching and supporting his childhood friend from the stands.

3. The couple married in a “silent wedding”. They got married in the Beverly Hills courthouse, with no guests other than the officials.

4. Cash is a successful businessman and has shown no signs of feeling emasculated by the wide gap between his fortune and his wife’s earnings. Jessica has a healthy net value of $400 million from her acting and other businesses, while Cash has a value of $10 million.