Carli Bybel Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Plastic Surgery and Other Facts
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Carli Bybel is a make-up artist and beauty blogger who had a rather painful childhood after the problems in her family. Find out the story behind the success of this beauty, her rumors about plastic surgery, her fortune, and other facts about her.

Carli Bybel Bio, age

Carli Bybel was born on 17 October 1990 and grew up in Morganville, New Jersey. She, her older sister – Amanda, and her parents lived in a one-bedroom apartment in Morganville as a toddler until her father’s glass business started to boom and they moved into a much larger house (horse ranch) with a swimming pool and trampoline, which she had all to herself.

As she grew up, she developed a passion for horses, and her father often took her out on the trail at weekends despite her horse allergy. During her high school years, towards the end of her junior year, her parents began to have marital problems and this had a negative effect on Carli. It went so far that she was separated from her father when he left her to live with his mistress in Florida.

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Carli was overwhelmed with grief at this time and it was extremely difficult for her mother who had the burden of raising Carli and her sister all by herself. To save the situation, she sold her house and moved into a smaller apartment with her two daughters. Carli and Amanda had to study and work to relieve the hardship as best they could. She got her first job at a Starbucks restaurant when she was 16 years old and worked there for 3 years. In 2009 she graduated from high school.

Despite the difficulties this media personality encountered, she worked hard in both her high school and college studies. Carli Bybel is said to have gotten straight A’s in college and constantly remembers the need to succeed. As a freelance makeup artist, she earned $25 per client during her studies. Later Carli got a job at a photo studio Glamor Shots Studio as a hair and make-up artist. She did not have the best boss and did not earn enough to support herself. So she looked for alternatives to make ends meet.

During this time, she found a friend who called her Samantha. The two became best friends because they were equally gifted with a talent for make-up. They often discussed their future, and in one of these discussions, the opportunity to show off their make-up skills on YouTube dawned. So in 2011, Carli uploaded her first YouTube video entitled Curl your hair with a straightener – Tutorial. The 6 minutes 27-second video took only a few weeks to get her, her first 1000 subscribers.

Her YouTube channel Carli Bybel has since collected over 6 million subscribers for her makeup and hairstyling video tutorials. Her most popular video, the Megan Fox Makeup Tutorial, has been viewed over 4.7 million times and there are many more educational and informative videos on her channel. The talented makeup artist also runs a blog called The Fashion Bybel.

Her plastic surgery

Since she is a beauty blogger and a very pretty one at that, the question arose whether she had put herself under the knife to improve her appearance. Well, she underwent some procedures to improve her body, which gave her the glamorous and spectacular look she identifies with today. The make-up artist admitted in 2016 that she had been injected lip filler twice into her lips. One for the upper lip and one for the lower lip.

The first time was in 2014 at a Botox party, where she said it just happened. Although she had always wished that her upper lip would be a bit bigger to harmonize with the lower lip. She was satisfied with the result and it was not too difficult to accept a second lip filler at another Botox party she attended with her mother. So she finally got her second injection. The good thing about her is that she did not deny having received these injections. Essentially she did not have plastic surgery, only lip filler.

Net worth

Carli Bybel boasts millions of fans on social networks. On YouTube, her videos have seen millions of hits, for which she has been well rewarded. When you add up all her income sources like YouTubers, makeup artists, beauty bloggers and other things that represent her known income sources, her net worth, reported by a few online sources, is estimated at $500,000.

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More facts about Carli Bybel


She had a friend who is also a YouTuber, known as Brett Caproni. In one of her questions and answers on YouTube, she revealed that they met when Caprioni was in 3rd grade and she was still in kindergarten. They dated briefly in high school before they became very serious as adults.

Caproni has his own YouTube channel where he makes videos about fitness, nutrition, and training tips. Bybel also has occasional appearances in his video when they were still together.

YouTube earnings

Carli Bybel is said to earn up to $16,000 a month from StyleHaul. A “contemporary marketing services and media company with a flair for stories” that advertises on her YouTube videos.

Love for animals

She loves penguins and if she hadn’t become famous, she would have worked on the penguin exhibit at SeaWorld to satisfy her obsession with animals. In addition to her love for flightless seabirds, Carli is a cat person and lived at one time with Cindy, Bear, Bo and Chai, 4 cats.


She has two tattoos on her fingers. One reads the word “love” and it’s the second one she got when she had a hard time with her family. The latter is still on her fingers “om” and “mooi” as she calls her best friend.