Bill Burr Wife, Net Worth, Daughter, Kids, Wiki, Girlfriend, Family, Height
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Bill Burr is successful in the entertainment industry thanks to his stand-up comedy and acting career. He has released at least 5 comedy albums and is known for hosting the Monday Morning Podcast which, despite its name, is broadcast several times a week.

As an actor, Burr is known for roles in AMC’s Breaking Bad and the Netflix-animated sitcom F Is for Family, of which he is one of the creators. He has been called “the undisputed heavyweight champion of rabid humor” by Rolling Stone.

Bill Burr Wife/Girlfriend: Nia Renee Hill

Burr found love in the eyes of a certain Nia Renee Hill, who is reticent in the entertainment business. After years of dating, the couple formed a lifelong bond in 2013.

Nia was born on June 2, 1969, in Los Angeles, California. Her parents divorced when she was a child and as a result, she had to share her time with her mother elsewhere and with her father in Los Angeles.

Bill Burr Wife, Net Worth, Daughter, Kids, Wiki, Girlfriend, Family, Height
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Nia is an actress, filmmaker, and writer. She has appeared in the TV movie Divorce: A Love Story (2013), the TV series Purple, Long Distance, Santa Clara Diet (2017), and Leslie. She had a role in the short film Did You Search for Work This Week?

Behind the scenes, Burr’s wife has worked as a talent coordinator on the Chappelle’s show and as a casting assistant on the television series The Education of Max Bickford, and as a costume and wardrobe assistant on Pizzazz: Where’s my film? (2014).

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She reportedly met Burr while working on a comedy show. After a few dates, the couple became a couple and soon moved in together in Los Angeles, just before Burr made his breakthrough as a stand-up act. So Nia was somehow by his side the whole time.

As a writer, Nia has contributed to several blogs, most notably the blog XOJane, a website dedicated to women’s lifestyle and community. In one of her articles entitled “I am a black woman who dates white men,” Nia gives advice to people in interracial relationships.

Another article on the website is entitled: “I never thought I would end up here, but here I am: My life as a ‘kept woman'”. In this article, she described her early days in the entertainment industry, how she met Burr and how her relationship changed due to Burr’s success.

She also noted her frustration at not being able to provide her husband’s financial contribution to the family.

“As ambitious as I am, I’m very lazy,” she wrote. “I’m also afraid of failure. And of success, for that matter. It was easier to play the role of a spoiled housewife than to get off your ass every day and possibly fail. But I can’t do it anymore. It’s not up to me. It may take a few years, but I want to be an equal financial member of my household. I have to do it. The fact that I haven’t been a member in the last few years has made me feel bad and created an imbalance in my relationship.

Nia has long been a frequent guest on her husband’s podcast, where the two of them argue about the events in their lives.

Bill Burr Daughter/Kids: Lola Burr

Bill and his wife Nia welcomed their very first child, a daughter named Lola, on 20 January 2017. A few days after becoming a father for the first time, Burr appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show to talk about fatherhood. He joked that he was not ready to take responsibility yet and that he almost ran away after Hill went into labor.

His wife posted a few photos of her daughter on her Instagram account, where she maintains a relatively high level of activity compared to Burr.

Bill Burr Net Worth: $6 Million

Bill Burr’s Wiki

Burr was born William Frederic Burr on June 10, 1968, in Canton, Massachusetts as the son of Linda Ann (née Wigent), a nurse, and Robert Edmund Burr, a dentist. Bill worked for his father for a time as a dental hygienist. He graduated from high school in 1987 and then attended Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, where he received his BA degree in radio in 1993.

Bill Burr Wife, Net Worth, Daughter, Kids, Wiki, Girlfriend, Family, Height
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A year before graduating from college, Burr began a career as a comedian. Before he began as a comedian, Bill worked in several warehouses.

In 1995 Burr moved to New York to actively pursue his career. However, his career did not really pick up speed again until the end of 2000. In 2007 he launched his podcast and began appearing in numerous other podcasts from The Joe Rogan Experience to the Adam Carolla Show.

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In 2008, Burr lent his voice to Grand Theft Auto IV character Jason Michaels of the biker gang The Lost MC in the mission “No Love Lost”.

Burr slowly gained a good reputation in the US stand-up comedy scene and was called “Comedian’s Comedian”. He has starred in a number of films including The Heat (2013), Date Night, and more.

The animated Netflix sitcom F Is for Family, which he helped create, is loosely based on his life.

Bill Burr’s Height: 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m)