Anastasia Baranova Bio, Wiki, Feet, Tattoos, Married, Husband, Kids
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Anastasia Baranova is a Russian-American actress known for her roles in the television series; Z Nation as Addison “Addy” Carver and Jenifer “Scout” Lurking on Scout’s Safari.

Anastasia Baranova’s Biography

Anastasia Baranova was born on 23 April 1989 in Moscow, Russia, which at that time was part of the Soviet Union. She has light brown hair, grey eyes, and a really beautiful body, which she always proudly shows off in front of the camera.

A. Baranova is both Russian and American in terms of nationality and knows her ethnic background. She started modeling as a child and in 1998 Anastasia and her mother Ata moved from Russia to Minnesota in the United States of America where she continued to work as a model. In 2000 they moved to California where she started her acting career.

Anastasia Baranova Education and  Acting Career

Anastasia studied at Chapman University and is a graduate of the Los Angeles-based school The Acting Corps. She used a CD-ROM version of the educational software “JumpStart” to learn how to speak and understand English, and she also took voice and singing lessons. She is currently fluent in Russian and English.

Anastasia Baranova Bio, Wiki, Feet, Tattoos, Married, Husband, Kids
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Anastasia began her acting career in 2002 with a small speaking role in the Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire; after that, she played the lead character “Jennifer Lauer” in the TV series Scout’s Safari by Discovery Kids/NBC. The shooting of this series began in July 2002 and was filmed at various locations in South Africa. The series ended in February 2004 after two seasons and twenty-six episodes. In the following, she comments on the shooting in South Africa and South Africa as a country;

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“It’s a beautiful nation. Johannesburg is very similar to LA, except there is not so much traffic. Cape Town is exciting and completely different.”

Anastasia appeared in the 2007 film Rise: Blood Hunter. In 2010, she had an appearance in the HDNet series Svetlana. She also appeared in several series such as Sons of Anarchy, Malcolm in the Middle, 7th Heaven, Veronica Mars, Joan of Arcadia and Drake & Josh.

Anastasia said that in 2011 she experienced one of the most important moments of her life as she discovered the world of transformation through emotional intelligence. After going through an intense process of personal transformation, her philosophy and approach to life were in search of authenticity.

In 2014, Baranova joined the cast of Syfy’s post-apocalyptic horror-comedy drama series Z Nation, where she played the role of Addison “Addy” Carver. The series is still running today.

Anastasia Baranova Feet Body Size & Tattoos

Anastasia has a body height of 36-26-36 inches and stands at a height of 1.68 m. Although there seems to be no information about her shoe size or is known, she has a bra size of 36c and weighs 58kg.

Anastasia is known to have a number of small tattoos on her upper body, one at the very bottom of her neck, a phone booth tattoo on her back, a flower, an arrow, and several more around her hand.

Anastasia Baranova’s Boyfriend, Husband, and Kids

Anastasia Baranova has been tweeting separately about her friends since 2011, but it is unclear whether she is actually in a relationship or not.

In May 2011 she tweeted once that she had a dream about the guy who left her during her pregnancy. Again in April 2013 she tweeted and introduced a guy she was eating with as her first boyfriend.

On January 17, 2017, she shared a picture of her cuddling Tyler and described it with the headline “Living The Dream”. “Rain or shine, so long as you are mine. (AKA #donteverleavemeeeecauseillfiiiiiindyou). It is still not clear whether the two are connected in any way. Apart from the friendship, of course

Tyler also shared a romantic image of himself and Ana walking down the street holding hands and wishing her a happy birthday. However, as mentioned earlier, her relationship status is still very unclear as nothing official has been said about it. She has no children yet.

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Quick Facts On Anastasia Baranova

Baranova is a very creative person, she is known as an artist, photographer, writer, painter, and singer. She loves the beach and likes to tell people how wonderful her country is.

Animals are an absolute fascination for Anastasia, and if you look at her Instagram page you will see pictures of her dog. She also revealed that during the filming in South Africa she was hanging from a baby elephant and holding a cub lion without fear and was surprised how fast they grow.

She said that her favorite food is all Russian food, desserts, and junk food, but she also loves pizza, Burger King, Italian and Chinese dishes.

Anastasia Baranova is a big fan of the popular musician Gwen Stefani, her favorite color is purple and she has very active Twitter and Instagram accounts.