All About Charissa Thompson’s Engagement, Fiance and Career Progression
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Charissa Thompson is, without doubt, one of the most prominent on-air women in the world of American sports journalism. Best known for her outstanding achievements as a TV presenter and sports reporter at Fox Sports 1, Thompson has worked with other well-known media companies, including ESPN, Yahoo Sports, Versus, and many others, prior to her career at Fox Sports 1. She was also one of the presenters of the reality of the sports show Ultimate Beastmaster, which is broadcast on Netflix.

Broadcasting for Thompson was a childhood dream, and all she needed to make her dreams come true was a single opportunity. As fate would have it, an invitation to appear on Sports Illustrated opened up other opportunities for the station. Today, she has an impressive resume, and her work in television has made her one of the best female athletes on the market. Learn more about Thompson as you flip through the page.

All About Charissa Thompson’s Engagement, Fiance and Career Progression

Charissa Thompson’s Data Card

How Charissa Thompson’s Career Has Evolved Over the Years

Charissa Thompson was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. After high school, she enrolled at Washington State University She later moved to the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she earned a B.A. in Law and Society. Charissa was a sports enthusiast from an early age and always wanted to pursue a career in the media. During high school, she participated in volleyball and basketball.

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Soon after graduating from law school, Thompson decided to pursue a career in broadcasting. Her journalistic career began in 2007 with appearances at Fox Sports and the Big Ten Network. But before that she had a handful of part-time jobs, including running a coffee stand, working as a barista at Starbucks, as a waitress at The Cheesecake Factory, as a saleswoman at Nordstrom, and many others.

Shortly after joining Fox Sports, Charissa got her first opportunity to fill in as a hostess for the network’s Saturday night show, Colorado Rockies. Her performance was remarkable and eventually inspired her employers at Fox to take a role in the network’s national program – Best Damn Sports Show Period. Thompson served in this role for two years, while also working as a sub reporter for the Big Ten Network and the Fox NFL.

All About Charissa Thompson’s Engagement, Fiance and Career Progression

After a few years of her career at Fox Sports, Thompson left the media company sometime in 2010, after which she worked as a presenter for well-known companies like Yahoo Sports and Versus. Her achievements with these two companies brought her to the attention of ESPN 2011. Recruited by ESPN, Thompson hosted Numbers Never Lie for the station before joining ESPN’s SportsNation.

However, Charissa Thompson would return to Fox when Fox Sports 1 launches in May 2013. She has been with the station ever since. Her first assignment on FS1 was to host Fox Sports Live. From there she became the host of the Fox NFL Kickoff. In 2018, however, she replaced Katie Nolan as a host of NFL Films Presents. It was indeed an interesting journey for the station, which achieved a remarkable achievement at the station.

All About Charissa Thompson’s Engagement

Charissa, like some of her colleagues, found love in her industry. Not many people know this, but the talented reporter is engaged to Kyle Thousand, who is a sports agent. In early 2020, the sports presenter left her fans in awe with the news that she had said YES! to the love of her life.

She announced this on Instagram with a beloved picture of her with Thousand asking the question at the Princeville Resort in Kauai, Hawaii. The news was received with great enthusiasm by both fans and the media, and indeed, everyone is waiting to hear the wedding bells.

Prior to their relationship, Charissa Thompson once dated former basketball player Jay Williams. Thompson and Williams fell in love in 2013 while working at ESPN. Their relationship broke up in 2015 and Charissa revealed that her work and tight schedule meant the end of their relationship.

All About Charissa Thompson’s Engagement, Fiance and Career Progression

What Do We Know About Her Fiance?

As we explained earlier, Kyle Thousand is a sports agent and the CEO of baseball at Roc Nation Sports. Kyle was born in October 1980 and attended the University of Iowa where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration. He was inclined toward sports at a very young age and was an active baseball player in school.

Kyle’s early baseball years led him to join the Canadian baseball team in the early 2000s. There he played for the Toronto Blue Jays after he was drafted in 2003. However, his career was cut short due to injuries to his right shoulder. Unimpressed, Kyle continued to study law at Creighton University School of Law, where he graduated in 2007.

Although he initially worked for Excel Sports Management, Thousand was later hired by Roc Nation, where he now serves as the company’s first baseball managing director. The sports management company is known for representing some of the biggest stars in baseball, including Yoenis Cespedes, Robinson Cano, and many others.

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Has Charissa Thompson Been Married Before?

Well, yes! The gorgeous sports journalist was married once in the past. Some people have thought this was a hoax, but it’s true. According to the sports reporter, she first got married at the age of 25. However, the name of her ex-husband is not known. Nevertheless, Thompson has made several comments to the media about her first marriage. In some interviews, she was quoted with the statement that her first marriage was both the best and the worst decision she ever made.

From the questions Thompson answered about her previous marriage, it can be deduced that the sports presenter had bad experiences with her ex-husband. Although the details of their relationship have been kept out of the spotlight, she makes it clear that there is no more bad blood between them.