Adrian Pasdar Wife, Children, Siblings, Height, Weight, Net Worth
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Adrian Pasdar is a film and television actor as well as a renowned narrator. He became known in the 1990s as the lead actor in the short-lived television series Profit and in the early 2000s as the lead actor in the sci-fi series Mysterious Ways. More recently, he has become known as the narrator of the lead role of Iron Man in the TV series Marvel Anime: Iron Man. Pasdar also resumed the role of Iron Man in other Marvel Comics animated series Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers Assemble.

In addition to his extensive television work, Adrian Pasdar also has numerous film credits dating back to the 1980s. He made his feature film debut in 1986 with the box office hit Top Gun, followed by roles in other films such as Near Dark (1987), Made in the U.S.A., Vital Signs, and Carlito’s Way. He also had roles in Ghost Brigade (1993), Secondhand Lions (2003), and Home Movie (2008). In 2000, the multi-talented actor made his directorial debut in the thriller film Cement, where he also acted as co-producer. Almost two decades later, the film is still his only directorial work.

Who is Adrian Pasdar?

Adrian Kayvan Pasdar was born on April 30, 1965, in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, but his family moved to Powelton, Pennsylvania when he was still a toddler. He grew up a very skilled soccer player, and in 1983 he finally received a soccer scholarship to the University of Florida. However, a serious accident during his first year of study ended his promising career. He shifted his interest to acting and writing, and when he left college he was hired by a theater company in Pennsylvania as a member of the backstage team. He later studied at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in New York City.

Adrian Pasdar Wife, Children, Siblings, Height, Weight, Net Worth
Image source

Pasdar made his film debut in the action movie Top Gun (1986) starring Chipper, a role created especially for him. This led to further acting roles in the films Solarbabies (1986), Streets of Gold (1986), and his first leading role in the horror film Near Dark (1987). The talented actor surpassed himself as the beautiful woman in the British comedy Just Like a Woman (1992). He also had smaller roles in Carlito’s Way (1993) and Ghost Brigade (1993).

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Adrian Pasdar received his first role on the small screen in 1996, when he was cast as the title character in the drama series Profit. The series lasted only one season, but Pasdar’s performance made him sufficiently well-known to the television audience. He received his second TV lead role as Declan Dunn in the sci-fi series Mysterious Ways (2000-02). He also had a recurring role in the legal drama series Judging Amy (2003-05), followed by guest appearances in the second season of Desperate Housewives (2005). He also starred in the lead role of Nathan Petrelli in the Sci-Fi series Heroes (2006-09).

Recently, Pasdar has recorded numerous voice-over roles, especially in animated series. Most notable is his portrayal of the character Iron Man/Tony Stark in several Marvel comic series, including Marvel Anime: Iron Man (2011), Ultimate Spider-Man (2012), and Avengers Assemble (2013-today). He also had a recurring role in the superhero series Supergirl (2017).

Adrian Pasdar Net Worth

Adrian Pasdar has remained active in his Hollywood career for over three decades. He has achieved several acting successes, including a number of high-budget TV series. It is no surprise that the actor has accumulated a considerable fortune of $10 million for himself. It is expected that this sum will be even higher in the near future, as there seems to be no stagnation for the multi-talented Hollywood star.

Family and Siblings

Adrian Pasdar’s father Homayoon Pasdar was originally from Iran and worked as a heart surgeon in the Philadelphia area. His mother, Rosemarie (née Sbresny), earned her living as a travel agent. Pasdar has a sibling, a younger sister named Anamarie Pasdar, who, like her famous brother, also works in show business. She is an artistic director and producer of theaters.

Wife and Children

Adrian Pasdar Wife, Children, Siblings, Height, Weight, Net Worth
Image source

Adrian Pasdar is currently unmarried, although he was married in the past. He had a long-standing marital relationship with the singer and songwriter Natalie Maines, the lead singer of the female country band Dixie Chicks.

The duo met in May 1999 at the wedding of Emily Erwin, a band colleague from Maines. After being together for just over a year, they sealed the bond in a $55 ceremony that took place at Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas on June 24, 2000.

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The couple welcomed their first child, a son named Jackson Slade Pasdar, on March 15, 2001. Their second child, Beckett Finn Pasdar, was born on July 14, 2004. Pasdar’s marriage to Natalie Maines ended after 17 years when Natalie Maines filed for divorce in July 2017.

Height and Other Body Measurements

Adrian Pasdar is 178 cm (5 feet 10 inches) tall and maintains a slender build at a bodyweight of 80 kg (176 lb). He has a chest measurement of 114 cm (45 inches) and his waist size and biceps are 91 cm (36 inches) and 38 cm (15 inches) respectively.