A Close Look At Gabriel Iglesias’ Family, His Son and The Women He Has Been With
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Gabriel Iglesias is undeniably a comedian with great talent. Iglesias, affectionately known as Fluffy, has the natural ability to make the crowd laugh. Known for shows like Hot & Fluffy and I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy, the stand-up comedian who started his career in 1997 and has spread his wings to other areas of the entertainment industry.

The man is also an actor and has contributed to the success of a number of films and television series such as All That and Key & Peele. He has also made several appearances in the WWE. But what is there to know about his private life beyond his career?

Gabriel Iglesias’ Family Background and Parents

Fluffy’s exploits in the entertainment world are out there for all to see, but the same cannot be said of his private life, which he has largely kept out of the prying eyes of the public. Gabriel Jesus Iglesias is of Mexican origin and was born on July 15, 1976. He is the youngest of six children born to Jesus Iglesias and Esther P. Mendez. The comedian has one brother and four sisters; they were raised by their mother and lived in different cities before settling in one of the low-income neighborhoods of Long Beach in the Los Angeles area.

A Close Look At Gabriel Iglesias’ Family, His Son and The Women He Has Been With
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Gabriel Iglesias, who wanted a career as an entertainer, faced many challenges; even from his mother, who wanted him to excel in a more conventional and stable profession. After high school, he received a scholarship that would have made him a class teacher. But then he turned it down to pursue his dream of becoming a comedian. This affected his relationship with Esther, as the woman led his expulsion from her house.

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Gabriel Iglesias’ mother died in May 2012, but before her death, she was good friends with her son. As one of his loyal fans, she took part in some of the comedian’s shows. In his YouTube video “Last Comic Standing and My Mom,” the comedian joked that his mother was unable to follow his jokes and that his father left her when he was about four years old.

Who Are His Siblings?

The talented comedian and actor rarely talk about his siblings, and information about them is quite difficult to get. However, we have learned about one of his four sisters named Esther. Gabriel had introduced her to his fans on Instagram in February 2018. Although not much was revealed about her, it is reported that she served in the US Army.

Details of Gabriel Iglesias’ Love Life

Gabriel Iglesias is not married, but he has been with Claudia Valdez for many years. Although it is difficult to say how the lovers met, it is known that the comedian and Claudia have been together since 2008. The relationship was confirmed the same year when they attended a “Make A Wish” event at the Laugh Factory.

Valdez is an actress and producer, she is best known for her role in Monsters, a 2010 film by Gareth Edwards. The woman is an American of Spanish origin and she has been of great value to Iglesia’s life and career. She is said to have helped him overcome depression and alcoholism, for example.

She also helped the comedian on his journey to lose weight, which became necessary after he was diagnosed with diabetes type II. Gabriel, whose body weight was about 202 kilograms (445 pounds), had only two years to live if his weight continued to increase.

A Close Look At Gabriel Iglesias’ Family, His Son and The Women He Has Been With
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Meet His Son Frankie

The love life of Gabriel Iglesias revolves around Claudia. Except she is not known to have been in love with anyone, and they share a son named Frankie. Despite the physical resemblance and bond between Gabriel and Frankie, the two are not biologically related.

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Frankie is the son of Valdez from their previous relationship. While she does not yet have to reveal the identity of the boy’s biological father, Gabriel was a good father to the boy born on December 8, 1997.

Iglesias and his family reside in Whittier, California. The comedian is also a dad to two adorable dogs.